Jeans And Tank Top Fashion: Good or Bad? Dos and Don’ts

Jeans and Tank Top Fashion. Male fashionwatchers, what do you think of the jeans and tank top fashion combo? Should guys wear them if they want to attract a mate? Or maybe less clothes is not equal to more appealing when it comes to menswear?

Anyhoo, the discussion on whether or not men should wear tank tops on is quite fiery. When it comes to the vote however, it is clear that those who believe that it is okay for men to wear tank tops are far outnumbering those who believe otherwise. Specifically, 75% say yes to tank tops while only 25% say no.

Here’s a sampling of what the rival camps are saying:

Team No to Tank Tops: “No to the tank. Whenever I see a guy wearing a tank top I think either he’s a frat boy, a gang member, a douchebag porn star, or he’s trying to hard to impress women, or he just has bad taste in fashion. So, no, a guy should not wear a tank top ever.”

Team Yes to Tank Tops: “Just why not? Are we still in the victorian uptight times? Those who say nay are usually uptight people who feel jealous of buff guys, or uptight people who judge non-buff-guys, argumenting they don’t like seeing that kind of people showing skin. Tanks are great, fresh, cleaner and just super comfy. I really wish people would be less judgemental and more practical…”

Now we here at Famewatcher, who belong to the Team Yes to Tank Top camp, have some fashion tips for men who want to rock the tank top look.

First of all, avoid transparent tank tops. Transparents are okay if you are using them as undershirts but not if you are going for the jeans and tank top combo. So avoid this look:

jeans and tank top guys tips1

Another one you should avoid? This mesh tank top look:

jeans and tank top bad1

Even Jared Leto can’t pull off a mesh tank top and rather looks looks ridiculous in them. When is it okay to wear a mesh tank top? Well, when you are a stripper or a go go dancer a-la

Another thing to avoid? An ill-fitting tank top shirt that is too little for your frame. You know, like this one:

jeans and tank top good or bad - model steven brewis1

Model Steven Brewis is a gorgeous, gorgeous guy and he looks great in a classic blue jeans and tank top combo but his shirt above is a little too tight. [For a guy who rocks his tank top, check out Cody Christian.]

Lastly, some guys can make tank tops from their T-shirts by by cutting off the sleeves but do not go as far as doing this because you sorta, kinda look like a douche.

jeans and tank top guys dos and donts1

Now, if the above are examples of fashion don’ts when it comes to pulling off the jeans and tank top combo, what are the fashion dos? Well, first of all, blue jeans and white top will never go away. It’s a classic male fashion that will forever be trendy.

zac efron hot tank tops

Another important thing, and this probably the most important for men like our hubby who has some “midsection problem”. A black tank top — like the one Jesse Pavelka is wearing below — goes a long way in hiding your beer belly.

jessie pavelka underwear - athletic shirt

Lastly, your tank top should be a good fit — neither too tight nor too loose. But having well-fitting clothes is the rule in men’s fashion, so you should know this already, no?