Jason Gardiner Shirtless Photos, Gay Boyfriend, Nicky Slater Feud

Jason Gardiner Shirtless Photos, Gay Boyfriend, Nicky Slater Feud. We had to delete Jason’s “clothes free” photo below so we decided to update this post to bring you some Jason Gardiner shirtless photos. The guy may be in his forties but he sure looks good shirtless. It must be all the dancing, no?

jason gardiner shirtless dancing on ice

Jason body painted. For more of Jason, check out our post on Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant.

jason gardiner shirtless body paint

Posing shirtless for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

jason gardiner body cosmo magazine

What is Jason’s relationship status? Is he dating? Does he have a boyfriend? Or husband? Well, according to Digital Spy, here’s what he says about his relationship status, “Well, I’ve got a really young and gorgeous boyfriend from Venezuela now, so yeah.”

UPDATE: Jason vs. Nicky Shirtless Contest (posted: 01 May 2011). Well, we decided to settle this with a “shirts-off contest” to see who between these two judges look better without their shirts on their back. The winner? It’s Jason Gardiner by a mile. Or thousands and thousands of miles. We picked him because when we google “Jason Gardiner shirtless” this image came out in the results. Pretty cool, huh? Jason is not just shirtless. He is entirely, totally clothes-less. Or as The Sun labeled this picture, “jasongardiner-nopants”. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete Jason’s “clothes free” photo.]

Anyhoo, we were like, how can that Nicky Slater guy top Jason’s photo. Turns out that he can’t. Or maybe not yet. When we google “Nicky Slater shirtless” this is what was churned out by the Google gods:

These are very hot photos right? Yeah, unfortunately that’s not Nicky Slater. The hot bald guy is actually surfer dude Kelly Slater. There’s no such thing as a Nicky Slater shirtless pic. At least, none yet. So Jason beats him in their “Who’s the Hotter Shirtless Dancing on Ice Judge Contest”. So what are you going to do about that Nicky, eh?

Another random image that comes up for Nicky: the sexy image of our Star Trek boyfriend, Chris Pine.

Jason Gardiner vs. Nicky Slater (posted 16 February 2009). As we asked in the “fight” between Lily Allen and Mike Skinner, “Whatever happened to professional courtesy?” In this case however, maybe Jason Gardiner has a point in attacking his fellow judge.

Says Jason of Nicky according to the Sun (which may or may not be a reliable source): “This series it seems he’s decided to play the loving uncle. His scores are outrageously high and unjustifiably so. But we have to accept it.”

Jason adds: “How can you put somebody like Ellery half a point away from someone like Ray? It’s like the weather, it’s just so unpredictable.” Your turn Judge Slater. Or maybe we should settle this with a dance-off?

Jason Gardiner Shirtless Photos, Gay Boyfriend, Nicky Slater Feud. Posted 16 February 2009. Updated 13 May 2017.