Jason Dohring Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding

Jason Dohring Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding. Today in male celebrity Speedo, we bring you Jason Dohring as a surfer hunk rocking a pair of squarecut swimwear in this scene from the fourth season of Veronica Mars. This is obviously inspired by that scene in Casino Royale where Daniel Craig as James Bond rises from the sea rocking his La Perla Grigioperla Lodato blue swimtrunks which, in turn, was inspired by Ursula Andress’ bikini scene in the first James Bond movie Dr. No.

jason dohring speedo veronica mars2

jason dohring swimwear speedo

jason dohring speedo veronica mars

Now, we must admit that we actually did not watch Veronica Mars while it was airing but if knew then that it stars a hunk of a man who has no problem dropping trou, we’d have found the time to add it to our schedule.

Anyhoo, Jason also starred in iZombie and, as he does in the scene above, he also drops trou for this scene where he brushes his teeth in the bathroom. Damn!

jason dohring underwear boxer briefs2

jason dohring underwear boxer briefs

jason dohring underwear boxer briefs in izombie

Jason Dohring Gay or Straight? He is straight and is married to wife Lauren Kutner. The two got married in 2004 and are still going strong raising four kids together. Here’s a photo from their wedding:

jason dohring wife and wedding photo - lauren kutner 2004

Despite his straightness, our Jason ain’t above doing feeling another guy’s buttocks (and allowing the same done to him) as he does in the photo with Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen.

jason dohring gay with ryan hansen

Surely, these two dudes have a thing for each other, no? Check them out playing In the Navy (if there is such a game) when Jason guested on Ryan’s show, Play it Again Dick which was released on The CW streaming platform.

jason dohring gay with ryan hansen in Play it Again Dick

Here are more shirtless photos of Jason for those of you who, like our friend Kevin, are thirsty AF.

jason dohring shirtless body

jason dohring shirtless in sweatpants

jason dohring workout muscles

jason dohring shirtless

jason dohring muscles - hot in tank top

Jason Dohring Young Hottie. Wondering what the now 39-year-old actor looked like when he was a youngin? Here you go!

jason dohring young

Jason, you’re a tease!

jason dohring underwear peekabo

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