Jason Biggs Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Jason Biggs Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Would you wear another man’s underwear? Apparently, American Pie star Jason Biggs has no problem wearing another dude’s underwear. Yup, even if said dude is the ex-boyfriend of his wife. Ewwww. Freaky, right?

jason biggs boxer shorts in american reunion

From a 2008 report by Contact Music:

American Pie star Jason Biggs gets a kick out of wearing boxer shorts his wife’s ex used to wear. The actor, who wed Jenny Mollen in April (08), admits he found the briefs lying around one day and decided to try them on for size – and now he has claimed them. He tells Playboy magazine, “She saw me wearing them, and she was like, `You know, those are Drew’s.’ I don’t care. He broke them in, and they fit me perfectly. “I wore them on our honeymoon.”

How weird is this guy? He seriously wore the underwear of his wife’s ex-boyfriend to his honeymoon? Either he is pulling everyone’s leg or he’s got a fetish for used men’s undies.

Anyhoo, we’re all about male celebrity underwear today so let’s check out some of the underwear that our 34-year old American actor wore in his movies, shall we? First, here’s Jason in a pair of boxer shorts in American Pie.

jason biggs underwear american pie

Next, check him out in red sparkly briefs in the 2006 movie, Wedding Daze, where he dresses up as Cupid and proposes to her girlfriend. She must have appreciated his costume and said “Yes”, right? No! In the words of wikipdeia, “The shock of the proposal leads to her instantaneous death.” Heh. We’d die too if the man we love goes about in public wearing silly red briefs.

jason biggs red briefs in wedding daze

Want a closer look at Jason’s outfit, don’t cha?

jason biggs underwear briefs in wedding daze

Here’s a peekabo underwear pic of a shirtless Jason from his 2008 movie, Over Her Dead Body.

jason biggs shirtless - over her dead body

And, last but not the least, here’s our Jason wearing a pair of boxer shorts in American Reunion being “molested” by the pie he “molested” in American Pie. Is this what our Buddhist friends call “karma”?

jason biggs underwear - boxer shorts - american reunion

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