Jamie Fraser Kilt Outfits: What You Can Do While Wearing Kilts

Jamie Fraser Kilt Outfits: What You Can Do While Wearing Kilts. If there’s one thing we learned after watching four seasons of Outlander, it’s that a kilt is a very versatile outfit. Not convinced? Well, let’s have Jamie Fraser show you the things you can do while wearing a kilt. Did you know that you can go horseback riding in a kilt? If you’re an Outlander fan, you’d surely know.

jamie fraser kilt sam heughan - horseback riding

Next, you can do farm work while wearing a kilt which is what our Jamie is doing in the scene below. Want more hot men in kilt?

jamie fraser kilt - sam heughan farming work

You can put out a fire too. Just because you ain’t wearing pants doesn’t mean you leave the fire burning when you know that putting it out can save homes and the lives of people who live in them.

what do do while wearing kilt - jamie fraser putting out fire

Obviously, you can also go to war in your kilt.

jamie fraser kilt - go to war - sam heughan

Speaking of war, here’s our Jamie going toe to toe with the psychotic Black Jack Randall played by Tobias Menzies. We love the actor but boy did we hate the character he played with a passion.

jamie fraser kilt sam heughan - fight in war

Of course, you can wear your kilt when you’re making love and not war like, for instance, you go on a date with your lady love.

jamie fraser kilt sam heughan - dating

Sometimes, said date means going kissy kissy under a tree.

jamie fraser kilt outlander - kissing

You may wear a kilt too when you tie the knot with your loved one as Jamie does in the still photo below.

jamie fraser wedding kilt ceremony in outlander

Unfortunately, we can’t find a pic of Jamie and his kilt during the wedding ceremony itself but check him out going shirtless in kilt during their wedding night.

jamie fraser wedding kilt outlander

Finally, you can also do more serious things while wearing kilt like going on diplomatic missions as our Fraser does when he went to France to gather support for Bonnie Prince Charlie on season 1 of the show. Or is it season 2? We can’t remember exactly but here’s our Jamie looking fly in his fabulous getup.

jamie fraser kilt - what you can do - diplomacy talks in france

Jamie Fraser Kilt Outfits: What You Can Do While Wearing Kilts.