Jamie Bell Gay or Straight? Shirtless Photo and Girlfriend 2015

British actor Jamie Bell, the adorable and inspiring ballet dancer in that tearjerker of a movie Billy Elliott, is starring in the next superhero movie that will soon hit your movie screen. We are referring, of course, to Fantastic Four which is scheduled for release this coming 07 August 2015.

Jamie will play the role of Ben Grimm aka The Thing. This will be Jamie’s 19th movie after his breakout role as the dancing boy Billy Elliott back in 2000. His last movie prior to Fantastic Four is the 2013 film Nymphomaniac. Here’s Jamie as K in Nymphomaniac.

jamie bell shirtless

The 29 year old actor also co-starred in the Channing Tatum vehicle The Eagle.

jamie bell body - the eagle

In The Eagle, Jamie played the role of the servant Esca to Channing’s noble Marcus Flavius Aquila. The servant-master relationship between the two, not unexpectedly, brought about BDSM jokes which Channing kinda added fuel to as he does in this interview with Vulture Magazine:

In The Eagle, there are two male leads but no female love interests. Would you say there’s a homoerotic element to the film?
Well there are swords, and two guys are sword fighting. There’s a metaphor there I’m sure. And back in the Roman day I think it was probably more accepted than it is now. But there’s none in the movie. Me and [director Kevin Macdonald] talked a lot before we started filming: There is no love story in the movie, but it’s a relationship movie for sure.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the master-slave relationship going on there. Seems a little BDSM.
I think Jamie had a lot of fun having me as a slave. I don’t think I took advantage of it like I should have when he was my slave. But Jamie, yeah — he abused me. So maybe there was some frustration coming out a little bit here and there.

But would you say there’s a bromance aspect to it? They need each other even though they resent each other — that’s the basis for a lot of love stories.
I think there’s love in any relationship, whether it’s between a man and a woman, an animal and a person. Look, you have a need to be understood, humans gather around each other and they need to help each other through things. Jamie’s character and my character through trial by fire had to figure out how to understand each other. So I guess you could call it a bromance.

How about in real life?
Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having s*x for a few years now.

How’s that going?
Going fantastic.

He’s a lot smaller than you. He’s really small.
He’s a goer though.

What’s a goer?
I don’t know. I just made it up.


Now that’s how you handle a somewhat nosy interview. Hehe.

Can you imagine these two going at it?

jamie bell gay with channing tatum - the eagle

Is Jamie Bell Gay or Straight? So is Jamie Bell gay or straight? Let’s hear what our friends at gay-or-straight.com have to say about that:

Jamie Bell gaydar: According to 170 visitors Jamie Bell is 70% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Jamie Bell has been voted highly gay.

Those voters must have been watching lots of the ballet-dancing Billy Elliot because they couldn’t be more wrong. Jamie is actually straight and was, in fact, married to Evan Rachel Wood with whom he has a son. The two separated in 2014.

Jamie Bell Girlfriend in 2015. Rumor has it that Jamie and Fantastic Four co-star Kate Mara are dating. We don’t know if it is true. We won’t be surprised if they’re just friendly and supportive of each other because they gotta work together in a movie.

Aside from Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie’s other exes include Amy Derova.

Let’s end this post with this photo of our talented British actor (aren’t they all talented) posing in his Public School Sweatpants. Pic is by Blair Getz Mezibov for Mr. Porter.

jamie bell sweatpants by public school - cotton and modal blend jersey sweatpants - pic by blair getz mezibov for mr porter