James Wolk Shirtless, Underwear Photos, Gay or Has Girlfriend?

James Wolk Wedding, Shirtless, Watchmen Underwear Update. We are updating this post to note that James Wolk is married to teacher Elizabeth Jae Lynch. They got hitched back in 2015 and our now the proud parents of two children. Apparently, the couple met while both of them were volunteering for Camp Twitch and Shout which is a summer camp for children with Tourette’s syndrome. Here are photos from their wedding:

james wolk wedding

james wolk wedding2

james wolk wife Elizabeth Jae Byrd

Now, we’ve been busy doing other things these past three years so we were totally clueless that James starred as Joe Keene on the HBO show Watchmen and that there’s this scene where we see him in the most awesome underwear ever. Haha. Here are screencaps from the show:

james wolk underwear in watchmen

james wolk underwear in watchmen2

james wolk watchmen underwear

james wolk watchmen underwear2

Some pics of James looking cute and younger that he is today:

james wolk young

james wolk young2

James Wolk Shirtless, Underwear Photos, Gay or Has Girlfriend? (Posted 14 November 2013) Look who’s got a new hit on television? It’s James Wolk, one of the stars of The Crazy Ones on CBS. Okay, maybe the main draw of The Crazy Ones is superstar Robin Williams but the show would not work without the other cast members such as James, right? Aside from his newest acting gig, James also starred in last year’s USA Network miniseries, Political Animals. Here’s a shirtless James from said show.

james wolk shirtless in political animals

Don’t you just love men who don’t manscape?

james wolk chest hair

Another shirtless James Wolk. This time, the pic is from the ABC sitcom, Happy Endings.


Aside from getting his chest hair “appreciated” by excited girls, our James gotta kiss Adam Pally in Happy Endings.

james wolk gay with adam pally in happy endings

In an interview with buddytv.com, James talks about playing the LGBT role and whether Adam is a good kisser:

And had you ever played gay character before? And is there something different somehow about being in a romantic relationship when you’re playing a gay character instead of a straight character? Actually, just prior to this, to Happy Endings, I did a play that I had just gotten off Broadway called Next Fall where my character was a gay male. And so I kind of went from that and then Happy Endings is shortly after it. So I have played a gay character before. And for me, it has to not be different. And when I sit down and play this character, and we have these moments and we have these talks, Grant and Max’s character — Max played by Adam Pally, Grant is who I’m playing on the show. The moments have to be real. And so to me, it can’t feel different. And I try to guide myself with that.

My question is, inquiring minds want to know, do you and Adam get to kiss? And if so, is he a good kisser? Oh wow. I would say, I don’t want to give anything away. But I think Adam actually spoke to this. Let’s say yes, there is a kiss in the works. And yes, he’s a great kisser, absolutely.

So is James a friend of Dorothy in real life? Our friend Kevin says, “Nah! He’s just good at playing one.” Does he have a girlfriend? Apparently he does. In an interview with elle.com, he reveals that he “is dating someone, a special someone”. He didn’t name the lucky girl though so we’re asking our Famewatchers in the know to ID the girl in the comments. Hehe.

Let’s end this post with this photo of James Wolk in his boxer shorts underwear.

james wolk underwear - boxers in shameless

Oh wait, we almost forgot to include this photo from Mad Men where our James (as Bob Benson) rocks a pair of tight short shorts.

james wolk short shorts in mad men

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