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James Hutton Now: He is a Zaddy Daddy. Awww. Time really moves fast doesn’t it? It wasn’t too long ago that we were blogging about James Hutton getting kissy kissy with Guy Burnet in Hollyoaks and now we are blogging about him as a married zaddy.

james sutton wedding to wife rachel collin

Yup, the actor tied the knot in September 2018 to Rachael Collin, a girl he met at Glastonbury. He tells us about their first-ever encounter (via Daily Mirror): “I was watching this girl pumping up an air bed with a foot pump for about half an hour and I thought, ‘I’ve got an ­electric pump in my bag, I could be a hero here’. So I went over and said, ‘Excuse me, do you want to borrow my pump?’ And we have been pretty much inseparable ever since.”

At that time, Rachael was doing her MA in social research and she reportedly moved her studies to Liverpool University so they can be close together.

What do you think of James as a zaddy? Still hawt, hawt, hawt, ain’t he? We grabbed the pic below from his Insta which you might want to check out @thejamesutton.

james sutton now is a daddy

James Sutton Awards. Though he still has to bring home a trophy, the talented actor has been nominated for his acting performances by the British Soap Awards, the Inside Soap Awards, and the National Television Awards (UK).

james sutton awards - attending soap awards2

James Sutton Underwear and Shirtless Photos (18 August 2014). Don’t ask James Sutton whether he is a friend of Dorothy in real life if you don’t want him to bitchslap you to Kingdom Come. In our opinion, it is a bitchslap you rightfully deserve. Nah, not really. He ain’t gonna bitchslap you because the guy is a gentleman. But he is understandably tired of the “is he gay” question which hounds him ever since he began playing an LGBT role on TV.

From the Digital Spy: “Replying to a fan who had expressed shock at the actor having a girlfriend and asked if he was gay in real life, Sutton replied: ‘No. And weirdly I’m not an English teacher in Chester either.’ Furthering his comments, he said: ‘Please dont be mean to the girl in my last RT, she was only asking. My bad for being sarcastic in my response. Bad James.'”

james sutton gay in hollyoaks with guy burnet - john paul and craig dean

james sutton guy burnet in hollyoaks john paul and craig dean

He later added: “I guess s*xuality isnt really a big deal to me so I sometimes get a bit bored of the whole ‘are you gay in real life’ question. NB. the character I play in Hollyoaks isnt defined by his s*xuality, nor should anyone be. Its just not, for me, a conversation worth having.”

For those who are wondering, the girlfriend referred to by the Digital Spy is a model named Kate Williams. We can’t find a photo of her but we will update this post if we find one in the future. Oh, if you are also wondering, the guy he is kissing in the image above is fellow Hollyoaks actor Guy Burnet who played the role of Craig Dean.

James Sutton Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Looks like our James is a boxer shorts kind of guy. Here’s a still photo of him from a Hollyoaks episode.

James Sutton Underwear John Paul McQueen Hollyoaks

Another underwear photo.

james sutton shirtless boxer shorts

Shirtless in Emmerdale where James was a series regular from 2009 to 2011.

james sutton shirtless

James made the headlines recently because of the storyline in his Hollyoaks character who was raped by a student. The story will reportedly be featured in police campaigns in the UK to help raise public awareness on male s*xual violence. From Digital Spy:

Scenes from the episodes will now be used to launch a multi-agency campaign in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland later this month, with the aim of encouraging survivors of male sexual violence to come forward and seek help.

A police spokesperson said: “All the partner agencies involved feel that these clips could be of immense value in raising the awareness of male s*xual abuse.”

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