James Stott Shirtless Royal Marine: Britain’s Got Talent Magician

James Stott Shirtless Royal Marine: Britain’s Got Talent Magician. Let us continue blogging about hot men in uniform who are making a name for themselves on reality shows, shall we?

Famewatchers, meet James Stott aka The Magic Marine.

The bearded magician, who is currently wowing audiences on Britain’s Got Talent, served for ten years as a commando of the Corps of Royal Marines which is one of the five fighting arms of the Her Majesty’s Naval Service.

According to Devon Life James was an infantryman with the British Army for several years before he joined the marines. His years with the army included a tour of duty in Iraq when he was only 20 years old.

james stott royale marine

James, who now goes by Magic Marine as a performer (he used to also go by Steel Johnson), made it to the semi-finals of the ITV talent show. We will know in the coming month whether he will have a spot to perform in the finals.

james stott hot magic marine in suit

He looks hot in suit, doesn’t he?

james stott hot magician

James looking hawt in his uniform. Is that his mum?

james stott hot men in uniform - magic marine

Chillin’ beside a statue commemorating soldiers.

james stott hot men in uniform marines

Did you know that he was a soldier on Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil?

james stott hot soldier in maleficent

Woah, we’re loving his leather jacket.

james stott magic marine leather jacket

As the Magic Marine, James performed at the St. James Palace where he got to chill with Princess Anne.

james stott magic marine princess anne - st james palace

Looks like he’s got friends in high places not only in the British royal family but with the God of the Sea himself, Jason Momoa. Hey Jason, what about casting James in the second installment of your global blockbuster that is Aquaman?

james stott magic marine with jason momoa

Looking hot in a suit. You know James kind of reminds us of Austrian actor Robert Finster who played Sigmund Freud on the Netflix show Freud.

james stott sexy magic marine commando

Woooh, here are shirtless photos of our hunky marine which we grabbed from his Instagram page. Follow him @themagicmarine.

james stott shirtless body magic marine

Taking a break from his gym workout:

james stott shirtless workout

James Stott Girlfriend or Wife? We have no information on this at this point but we will update this post in the future once we do have the info.

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