James Martinez Shirtless, Wedding, and Suit and Tie Fashion

James Martinez Shirtless, Wedding, and Suit and Tie Fashion. Famewatchers, meet actor James Martinez our Hot Zaddy Hunk of the Day. He is currently starring in the critically acclaimed Hulu show Love Victor which started streaming on Hulu a few weeks back.

On the show, he plays the role of Armanzo Salazar, the father of the lead character played by Michael Cimino. You should watch it and appreciate our James’ hot zaddiness. If you got no Hulu, well, you can also appreciate him in his other shows like One Day at a Time and House of Cards which are both on Netflix.

james martinez hot in suit

He really, really looks good in his suit-no-tie look, doesn’t he?

james martinez hot male celebrity in suit

He rocks jeans and leather jacket ensemble too. We’re also love, love, loving his facial hair. It really suits him to a T.

james martinez hot leather jacket and jeans

On the red carpet for the premiere of One Day at a Time.

james martinez leather jacket

James Martinez Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We know that we — by we, we mean Famewatcher readers and bloggers alike — are all thirsty hos so here are shirtless photos of our Latino zaddy.

james martinez shirtless and hot

These images are screencapped from the 2010 movie Bear City, an LGBT movie about rugged, stocky, hairy men and the the young twinks who love them.

james martinez shirtless body in bear city

You can see more of James in a really saucy role in the short-lived TV show Gravity on the Starz network. You’ll see him in various stages of undress which we, despite our THOTiness and ho-iness, decided to not upload some of his photos here for fear they might increase our  Grandma Akita’s BP. Hehe.

james martinez shirtless chest hair

What’s up, James? What’s with the dagger look? Did your date fail to arrive? Must be his loss because you look gorgeous in them white briefs.

james martinez underwear briefs - bear city

James Martinez Gay or Straight. He is straight and actually married to wife Nicole Home Martinez. The two got married in 2018 and are now raising a boy together. Here’s a photo from their wedding which we grabbed from James’ Insta account (follow him @urjamesmartinez).

james martinez wedding wife nicole home martinez 2018

Let’s end this post with this photo of our Zaddy Hunk of the Day as a gym bro. Pic is from the Broadway show called Back Back Back about three baseball players during the time steroid use is rampant in the sport.

james martinez sexy gym bro in back3x broadway stage play

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