James Marsden Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Shirtless Photos

James Marsden Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Shirtless Photos. Check out these boxers underwear photos of James Marsden. They may not be as showy¬†as the other male celebrity underwear photos we’ve been publishing around here but they will do because we love us our James.

james marsden underwear

We fell in love with him the first time we saw him singing “You are always in my mind” in that Ally McBeal show back in the 90s. We’re like, “Damn that cute boy sure can sing.” He’s actually the reason why we went to watch Hairspray. Take that, Zac Efron.

james marsden underwear

Want more male celebrity underwear?

james marsden shirtless

james marsden shirtless

And the cutest photo of all! Tell us we’re not the only ones wishing that we’re that lucky soap he’s biting?

More James Marsden Underwear. Hey look fellow Famewatchers, we have more underwear photos of our imaginary boyfriend James Marsden. He’s really a boxers underwear guy, isn’t he? Anyhoo, the above pic is from a 2009 sci-fi mystery movie, The Box, about a box which “arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don’t know”. Interesting concept, no?

Anyhoo, enough about James’ movies. Instead let’s check out his latest modeling gig. Check out these pics from Band of Outsiders.

Apparently, our James is now the celebrity endorser of the clothing brand, Band of Outsiders. Good for you, Jimmy boy. And good for the Band too.

James Marsden Shirtless Photos. Some shirtless images courtesy of our imaginary Hollywood boyfriend.

james marsden shirtless photos

OMG. What is he doing in the shower? What’s up with the soap in his mouth?

james marsden shirtless

The next photo is technically not a shirtless one but he looks hawt, hawt, hawt.

james marsden shirtless and wet

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James Marsden Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Shirtless Photos. Posted 5 May 2010. Updated 1 June 2017.