James Longman Gay or Straight – BBC Hunky Journalist – Shirtless Photos

James Longman Gay or Straight? Last September, while we were busy doing some offline stuff, a young man from Britain was breaking the internets. His name is James Longman. He is a reporter for BBC. And he made the headlines because he’s a good-looking dude.

james longman shirtless

Oh my! Now we understand why peepz are going gaga over this guy. Anyhoo, here’s a sampling of what’s beensaid about our sexy James:

Cosmopolitan Magazine: The BBC News Beirut reporter is driving viewers crazy, and it’s not because of his well-informed views on Syria.

Viewers of BBC News were taken aback when James began reporting for the Beeb, because, well because he’s a total babe. Just take a look at his Instagram. There are bundles of photos off him with his shirt off, and it’s great. But also very distracting when you’re just trying to learn a little more about foreign affairs.

Daily Mail: Foreign correspondents are normally hailed for their gritty dispatches from the front line. But the BBC’s new man in Beirut is winning fans not for his in-depth knowledge of the Middle East – but for his movie-star good looks and his habit of posting daring selfies on social media. In a series of topless pictures on Instagram, James Longman shows off his gym-honed body and enviable six-pack.

And there are many more news reports like that.

But is James Longman gay or straight? We ask because we are stupid like that. And, thankfully, we have our Grandma Akita to consult. She thinks James is as gay as Dorothy’s ruby slippers and here are the reasons why she thinks so:

1. He’s got the nicest washboard abs in the world. No straight man have abs like this.

james longman sexy hot

2. He watches RuPaul’s Drag Race. No straight man is smart enough to watch a fun, enlightening, fabulous show. He is also into beauty pageant contests.

3. He is a friend of Dorothy because of these photos:

james longman gay or straight

4. He flies the rainbow flag because he wears something like this. No straight is brave enough to wear a transparent shirt like this even on Halloween. Also, he’s got a great sense of fashion and his style is fabulous so he must be gay.

So there. Our Grandma Akita has spoken. Do you agree with her? By the by, her comments about James watching beauty queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race are based on the BBC hunks Instagram feed which you might want to follow at @jamesaalongman.

Let’s end this post with this James Longman shirtless pic.

james longman shirtless sexy

Wait, there’s more! Here are two more photos to help keep the “james longman gay” tongues wagging.

james longman boyfriend or what

They sure look good together, don’t they?

james longman gay or straight

2020 Update: Well, it turns out that our Grandma Akita is 100% correct in what she was saying about our BBC cutie. James is indeed a friend of Dorothy and is in a relationship — we do not know whether they are boyfriends or already tied the knot — with Alex Brannan. Here are photos of the boys we grabbed from their Instagram account.

james longman gay boyfriend - alex brannan

What a good looking couple. If you want more of them, follow James @jamesaalongman.

james longman boyfriend - alex brannan

james longman husband - alex brannan

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James Longman Gay or Straight – BBC Hunky Journalist – Shirtless Photos. Posted 31 October 2016. Last updated: April 18, 2020 at 0:45 am.