James Hyde Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend or Wife

James Hyde Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend or Wife. Are you looking for hot actors in their underwear? Well, here’s the hunky James Hyde, star of the now-defunct television soap opera Passions. He’s looking great in his tight Calvin Klein briefs isn’t he? That’s not surprising because this American hunk from Ohio started as a male model before he decided to try his luck as an actor. [Update: Apologies, we had to delete some photos referred to in this post.]

James may be best known for his role as Sam Bennett in Passions but according to IMDB he starred in 16 other television shows and movies. His latest two projects are Guns, Drugs and Dirty Money which was released in 2010 and Beautysleep Symphony which still has not been released.

But let’s go back talking about the hotness of James Hyde, shall we? If you are to rate our James in terms of hotness, how would you rate him. With awesome underwear photos like the ones in this post, he sure deserves a ten out of ten, no?

james hyde underwear

By the way, the photos of James you’re seeing here are from his 2002 photoshoot for Playgirl Magazine. Yup, our wholesome James was a coverboy for a mag that caters to the prurient desires of gay men. Hehehe. That’s not actually bad, right? After all, there’s a saying that goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” and our James has all the “Its” that are worth flaunting.

Let’s end this post by answering some of the questions you asked through Google Search. Here goes:

Who is James Hyde’s girlfriend? He actually does not have a girlfriend. He has a wife since 1992 named Sue-Ling Garcia. They have a son named James Moses Hyde who was born in 2004.

How tall is television actor James Hyde? IMDB lists his height at 6′ 1″ or 1.85 meters for those who follow the metric system.

Oh by the way, apart from modeling and acting, our James used to be a dancer for a Bitish band called Dead or Alive. He appeared in the band’s music video for Your Sweetness is Your Weakness. You should look that up if you are a James Hyde superfan.

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