James Hill Calendar, Underwear, Shirtless, and Girlfriend

James Hill Calendar Underwear, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Five years later, we are republishing this post to give updates on the Apprentice reality jock that is James Hill.

First, on the relationship department. Apparently, he started dating a girl named Naomi Hibbert back in 2016 and they are still going strong according to realitybit.com. He also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and released a calendar where he models in various states of undress. Yay.

But first, here’s James an Naomi attending an event together.

james hill girlfriend naomi hibbert

James in Speedos on Celebrity Big Brother with CBB pal Austin Armacost.

james hill celebrity big brother with austin armacost

Going shirtless on the pages of Attitude Magazine.

james hill shirtless chest hair

In tighty whities for his own James Hill Calendar 2016.

james hill apprentice underwear

James as a calendar hunk.

james hill calendar underwear

Posing in Hugo Boss briefs.

james hill underwear apprentice hugo boss

Another photo from his calendar.

james hill underwear model charlie tighty whities

James Hill Underwear and Shirtless Photos (27 August 2015). Who’s the guy wearing Hugo Boss briefs? His name is James Hill. We’ve not been paying attention to reality shows across the pond so we are now just discovering his gorgeousness. Apparently, he was a participant in last year’s The Apprentice on BBC and somehow earned the title of “hunkiest Apprentice contestant ever”. Pretty cool, eh?

james hill underwear - hugo boss - calendar shoot

More about James Hill from The Mirror: “Could this be the hunkiest Apprentice yet? Yes, yes it could be. In the opening episode of the 10th series of the BBC business competition, 26-year-old entrepreneur James Hill stripped off to a tiny pair of shorts to wander around the house and, shockingly, Twitter exploded in joy. ‘Well James is a bit of alright!’ wrote one delighted and thankful fan, while another added: ‘James Hill is rather f****ing hot. Yes please.’ ‘I am actually in love with James on #TheApprentice,’ said another as the avalanche of tweets continued.”

For those who are wondering, here’s the image of James wearing short shorts that the report was referring to.

james hill apprentice hunk

James’ fans will be seeing more of him because he has reportedly been cast in the upcoming edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

From Derbyshire Times: “Chesterfield businessman James Hill is to be a contestant on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, according to national newspaper reports. The 28-year-old – who enjoyed an eight-week run on hit BBC show The Apprentice last year – is expected to walk into the famous house later this week.”

Expect Jim’s next reality TV appearance to be more revealing because that’s the nature of Celebrity Big Brother. No one is gonna complain about a more exposed James Hill, no?

James Hill Underwear Photos. Here’s our hunky James in his undies. These photos are from his Attitude Magazine photoshoot.

Would Lord Sugar approve if James goes to the board room dressed like this?

james hill shirtless

Who says you can’t do push-ups in your boxer briefs underwear?

james hill underwear boxer briefs - apprentice -cbb

James Hill Gay or Straight? Sorry boys, he is straight. He is, however, LGBT-friendly and is appreciative of the support he receives from guys according to his interview with Attitude Magazine. Also, he doesn’t mind sharing a bed with and doing intimate stuff with fellow CBB house guest Austin Armacost.

james hill austin armacost are lovers

Get a room, you two!

james hill gay kiss austin armacost

Oh, actually, they already did!

james hill gay with austin armacost cbb

james hill austin armacost boyfriends

James Hill Girlfriend. He reportedly hooked up with fellow Apprentice contestant Lauren Riley while they were shooting the show. Nowadays, he is reportedly dating Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds after a dinner date.

james hill girlfriend 2015 - stephanie waring

Let’s end this post with this James Hill shirtless selfie:

james hill shirtless - apprentice - big brother

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