James Deen Real Name, Modeling Photos, and Fashion Style

James Deen Real Name, Modeling Photos, and Fashion Style. Three years after we wrote the blog post below, James Deen kinda became mainstream by starring in a 2013 movie alongside Lindsay Lohan as the actress’ co-lead star.

Called The Canyons, the movie only made $265,670 in the box office but it’s not exactly a box office bomb because it was made with a budget of only $250,000. So it isn’t that bad, no? However, if it made millions, we’re pretty sure James would have gone on to star in mainstream films.

james deen lindsay lohan the canyons

Anyhoo, another mark that the adult actor is kinda mainstream is the fact that he’s been featured in publications such as GQ, Interview Magazine, the Sunday Times Magazine, Arena Homme, and many more. Heck, he was even featured in a TV news broadcast specifically on ABC News’ Nightline.

Anyhoo, here are some modeling photos the actor did for GQ-UK.

james deen fashion model - gq magazine

You’re looking cool in your denim-on-denim ensemble, James.

james deen fashion style - denim on denim

Want more male celebrity chest hair?

james deen hairy chest - gq magazine

Who you calling, Jamie?

james deen hot in shorts

Hmmm. He looks very British in the next photo below. Kinda reminds us of those London detectives out to solve crime. Haha.

james deen real name bryan sevilla

James Deen Real Name? We found out on his wikipedia page that our James’ real name is actually Bryan Matthew Sevilla. Apparently, he was raised in the Jewish faith so we are including him in our list of Jewish Celebrities in Hollywood.

James Deen in Denim Jeans and Leather Jacket (31 May 2010). Ever heard of James Deen? We thought it was a typo for that iconic American actor James Dean but, it turns out that there’s a real guy named James Deen. And like his namesake (in pronunciation) this James is also into black leather jacket and blue jeans. Is that cool or not?


However, unlike James Dean who was a big star in the mainstream movie industry, James Deen is more into the non-mainstream movie industry. But he’s also a big (as in humongously big) star in his “entertainment community”.

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