James Case Bachelorette Hunk: Roman Heart Lookalike

Question: Are you a meathead? We ask because some internetizens are calling Bachelorette contestant James Case a meathead. Now, what exactly is a meathead? We had a general idea of what it means but, after checking out urbandictionary.com, we realized that being called a meathead is far more unflattering than we thought.

james case with desiree hartsock

Anyhoo, we think its unfair to call James Case a meathead. After all, he did graduate from Miami University which may not be Ivy League but is a pretty good school. [Note: According to wikipedia, its alumni list includes Benjamin Harrison (23rd President of the United States), Chung Un-chan (current Prime Minister of South Korea), Maria Cantwell (current U.S. Senator from Washington State), Paul Ryan (U.S Congressman from Wisconsin’s 1st district), Ben Roethlisberger (NFL player, two time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers), and many more.] Addendum from Kevin: Paul Ryan? Now that’s a meathead. Which is why Republicans love him. Hehe.

Question 2: Does James Case look like Taylor Lautner? Some internetizens think so but we don’t see the resemblance.


Okay, maybe The Bachelorette hunk vaguely resembles The Twilight star. But you know who James Case actually resembles? According to our friend Kevin, James Case looks like the twin brother of Roman Heart, an actor who stars in gay-oriented adult movies. After checking out who this Roman Heart is. We have to agree with Kevin.

This is James Case with a friend. [For more Bachelorette hunks, go check out our earlier post on Chris Siegfried’s Shirtless Photos.]

james case bachelorette contestant

And this is Roman Heart.

james case looks like roman heart - adult actor

This is James Case.

james case in suit and tie - bachelorette

And this is Roman Heart. By the way, he originally used the name Linc Madison.

james case lookalike roman heart

This is James Case playing Santa with a girl who may or may not be his girlfriend before he joined The Bachelorette.

james case girlfriend

And this is Roman Heart modeling in his Calvin Klein tighty whities. We tried lo look for a picture of him in a Santa suit but you have to make do with this. Hehe.

This is James Case with a friend (our dirty mind thinks of him as his boyfriend).

james case meathead - tank top underwear

And here’s Roman Heart with then boyfriend Benjamin Bradley.

roman heart boyfriend - benjamin bradley

Now that you are more or less familiar with who is James Case and who is Roman Heart, can you identify the next photos below?

james case or roman heart

roman heart or james case face pic

Who is James and who is Roman? They must be long lost twins, no?

Update from the archives: Oops, turns out that Kevin wrote a post on Roman Heart when he was writing for this blog a few years ago.