Jake Pavelka Body and Bath Towel Wrap

Jake Pavelka Body and Bath Towel Wrap. Pilot turned reality television star Jake Pavelka joins our list of male celebrities in their wrap-around bath towels. Nice Jake, next time just drop them towels to the floor, okay? This Jake’s got really nice washboard abs, huh? Or is the six-pack courtesy of some creative airbrushing.

jake pavelka body bath towel wrap

Also, is that really Jake in the picture or is this a photoshopped image? The neck is too big and is not proportionate to his small head. Kinda reminds us of one of them creatures of Jurassic Park. Seriously, there’s something wrong with the photo right?

UPDATE: Seems like our Jake can’t say goodbye to the klieg lights, huh? After his stint with The Bachelor followed by a stint on Dancing With the Stars, he is now cast in Bachelor Pad another reality competition featuring the contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.