Jake McLaughlin Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jake McLaughlin Underwear. He wears boxer shorts, baby. Well, at least he does in this scene from Quantico. Who says boxer shorts ain’t hot? They certainly haven’t seen these photos of this 33-year-old Hollywood hunk, no?

men in boxers underwear - Jake McLaughlin underwear in quantico

Here’s a rear view of the Jake McLaughlin underwear. Want more men in boxers underwear?

Jake McLaughlin underwear in quantico2

Question: Does he remind you of a younger version of Aussie/Kiwi hunk Russell Crowe? Or does he more resemble Scottish hunk Gerard Butler.

men in boxers underwear - Jake McLaughlin in quantico3

Now, here’s the thing that you must know — and appreciate — about Jake McLaughlin: He is a military veteran in real life and was a member of the US Army which invaded Iraq in March 2003. He served in Iraq for four years and was injured twice.

From chicoer.com: “It was not an easy stint in Iraq for McLaughlin, who was injured twice — once when a rocket propelled grenade exploded near a tank in which he was riding, and again after another grenade exploded near him, causing extensive back and spine injuries.”

Here’s a photo of Jake as an army soldier in Iraq:

jake mclauglin soldier uniform - iraq2

After Iraq, he then went on to follow his dream of becoming an actor. The LA Times tells us how he landed his first acting gig in the Paul Haggis movie In the Valley of Elah:

Twenty-four-year-old Jake McLaughlin was a U.S. Army infantryman whose battalion was the first on the ground for the invasion of Baghdad. His real dream was to be an actor, but without a nest egg and with a wife and two kids to support in Chico, Calif., that wasn’t an option. So after he got home, he was pouring concrete and studying to be a truck driver.

Then his former neighbor told him that her bosses, Haggis’ casting directors Sarah Finn and Randi Hiller, were looking for veterans. Down to his last $200, McLaughlin auditioned and landed the role of Specialist Gordon Bonner. Four months later he was leading a cast through combat scenes in Morocco.

McLaughlin said some of the dialogue in the film could have been lifted from his experience, particularly the feelings of guilt that followed him home from battle. He said a back injury he suffered in the field went untreated for more than a year while he waited for an appointment with a Veterans Affairs doctor. Then there was mild post-traumatic stress disorder. Shortly after McLaughlin returned, he heard a routine cannon blast from the base and panicked because he wasn’t carrying a weapon.

“When you’re over there, you’re surrounded by a lot of bad stuff — mostly death,” McLaughlin said. “It just kind of gives you a different outlook on life. How quickly it can be taken away from you. It just puts things in perspective. How lucky we are just to be alive.”

Is Jake McLaughlin Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Stephanie since 2004. The couple have three children. Here’s Jake with one of his kids on the set of Quantico. Awww! How cute is this photo?

Jake McLaughlin with his baby on set of Quantico

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