Jake Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery: Nose Lift or Rhinoplasty?

Jake Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery: Nose Lift or Rhinoplasty? Did Jake Gyllenhaal have some cosmetic surgery? These are photos from another site which speculates that Jake may have had a nose job or rhinoplasty because his nose looks “less big” than in the past. We don’t know about you but could this “less big” thing be the simple effect of the fact that he’s older now?

jake gyllenhaal plastic surgery nose lift before and after

What do you think, Famewatchers? Are these photos enough and sufficient evidence for Famewatching busybodies like us to conclude that our Jake’s got him some nose lift? Or is it a case of a man simply growing up and, as we very well know, there is always a change in one’s looks when a person grows older.

jake gyllenhaal plastic surgery before and after

jake gyllenhaal nose lift

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Male Liposuction: Hollywood Actor’s Beach Body Liposuction Secrets (07 May 2010). Today in male celebrity cosmetic surgery, we bring you this blind item about a Hollywood actor who loves him his liposuction.

StarMagazine:  Which LA-based actor drives 120 miles to San Diego for secret lipo several times a year? He’s got to keep his beach body looking good, but maybe he should just lay off the burgers.

The denizens of blind item blogs have so far came up with the following names:

  • Matthew Mcconaughey because he’s got a famous beach body.
  • Mario Lopez, who loves to show off his washboard abs.
  • David Haselhoff who used to have the hottest beach body in the 1990s and who was recently videoed drunkenly eating some hamburgers.

Do you think the blind is referring to any of these three? Or is our “liposuction-loving” male actor none of the above and we are better off looking elsewhere?

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