Jake Canuso Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo

Jake Canuso Shirtless, Young, Underwear Update. Oh boy, we are updating this post to bring you this fabulous photo of a young and shirtless Jake Canuso with Posh Spice of the Spice Girls.

jake canuso young and shirtless 1998 with victoria beckham

Apparently, before he became famous as an actor, our Swiss hunk was a backup dancer for the Spice Girls and this pic was taken when the Girls went on tour in 1998. Millenials and zillenials may not know it but the girl group really big back in the 1990s — as in they were really global superstars. Here’s Jake and Posh Spice performing on stage:

jake canuso young dancer

By the by, our Jake posted the above pics on his Instagram page which you might want to follow @jakecanuso. Oh, he also has a pic with David Beckham who went on to marry Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham.

jake canuso young with david beckham

Jake Canuso Underwear Update (8 March 2017). Apparently, our Benidorm hunk participated in the reality TV show, Splash, where celebrities compete in a diving competition. The British version was aired on ITV and was hosted by Tom Daley. Here’s a photo from the show.

jake canuso speedo

How did Jake do in the contest? Well, he was the runner-up so you can say that he did pretty good in the competition. By the by, did you know that our Swiss beau published a 2014 calendar which featured him posing in his undies? Pretty hawt, huh?

jake canuso calendar photos

Here’s another pic from said calendar.

jake canuso underwear calendar

Jake Canuso Underwear or Tight Speedos – Mateo Castellano in Benidorm. Want more hot Swiss men? Well Swissophiles (or whatever it is they call people who like all things Swiss), we bring you Jake Canuso aka Mateo Castellano in the British TV show, Benidorm.

jake canuso underwear speedo benidorm

Here’s Jake as Mateo looking oh-so-hot in his skimpy swimsuit. We think he can give that James Bond actor a run for his money. Another photo of the Swiss actor looking cool in his squarecut swimtrunks.

Most people of the world (like us) who have the misfortune of not being able to watch Benidorm (we’re told its critically regarded) will be clueless about Jake’s character (and why he keeps baring his body, not that anyone’s complaining or ) so let’s have some info on the Mateo Castellano character.

Apparently, he’s some kind of a cad (via wikipedia): “Mateo is the only Spanish character in the series. He works as a barman and a receptionist and barman at the Solana. He is a rude, obnoxious and arrogant womaniser who more-often-than-not gets his own way. In Series 4 he ends up being arrested when a policeman thought he was a prostitute whilst wearing women’s clothes. It has been revealed he has a wife and 3 kids.”

Hehe. It would be cool to add Jake Canuso’s cross-dressing clothes to our list of guys who wear designer dresses for men but, sadly, we can’t find a still photo of said episode mentioned above.

Anyhoo, we soon find out that Mateo Castellano might have a thing for men too (a womanizer who keeps his options open, eh?).

From IMDB netizen angelexposed: “I only started watching Benidorm this season and thought Mateo seemed like your general male s*x-craved pig. Was quite surprised when bought series 1 yesterday and watched earlier to find that Mateo had been having s*x/engaging in s*xual acts with Troy behind the pool bar (Janice caught him)? It seemed like there was such a dramatic change in his character over the past few seasons, as if the writers weren’t sure what to do with him. Did anyone find this a strange conflict? It seemed in episodes this series that he was disgusted with Les and seemed to make gay slurs?”

And another comment from wj-n3: “Mateo is a great character, and has been from the first series. He’s compassionate, but self-serving. He won’t deliberately do anything to harm himself, but if there’s no cost he’ll help you out and almost never needs much persuasion, just some light blackmail. They’ve been guilty of making him a plug to fill all holes (much like the character’s s*xual preference) but as the show has matured he’s become much more of an established character in his own right. He clearly has two lives, one at the Solana and the other with his family, which we never see. He clearly cares what his family think of him, but he is probably amenable to offers from “the other side” and his flamboyant side is likely more than Latin in nature. More Greek than Rome.”

More Greek than Rome? That’s a nice way of putting it. So what do you Benidorm fans think of Mateo Castellano, is he more Greek than Roman?

Jake Canuso Gay, Straight or Bi? If he is bi in Benidorm, what about in real life? Is he also a member of the LGBT community? Does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is he married? Unfortunately for the busybody Famewatchers among us, we have no answers to them questions at the moment. But we will update this post once we do have the relevant information.

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