Jacob Soboroff Shirtless, Girlfriend, MSNBC Correspondent

Jacob Soboroff Shirtless Photos. Anyone out there who is love, love, loving MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff? He’s hot and fun. He’s geeky who rocks his glasses like no one else can. And, most importantly for a TV hunk, he is totally knowledgeable.

Oh, and did we mention that he is totally shaggable. Now, before you go on dreaming about our curly-haired journalist, be warned that he’s actually very much married.

Still, his marital status does not prevent us from appreciating these Jacob Soboroff shirtless photos, no?

Jacob Soboroff body surfer hunk

Apparently, he’s into surfing which adds to his hotness by a factor of 10.

Jacob Soboroff hot

Didn’t we say he is a fun dude?

Jacob Soboroff shirtless - msnbc correspondent

Let’s debate the issue on whether Jacob Sokoloff should or should not shave his chest hair? Deena says he should shave it because it detracts from his s*x appeal. On the other hand, Kevin argues that Jacob should keep his chest hair because it actually makes him more desirable.

Deena and Kevin are looking at the same photos but have come to different conclusions. Surely, it is a case of individual preferences, no? But what say you Famewatchers, are you a fan of the Sokoloff chest hair? Or would you rather that he get rid of ’em?

jacob soboroff shirtless msnbc hunk - body hair

Jacob in his surf suit. This gives us an excuse to link to our post on surf suits for men aka Celebrities Wearing Wet Suits. Hehe.

jacob soboroff surfer suit hunk

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Is Jacob Sokoloff Gay or Straight? He is straight. Apparently, he is comfortable in his straightness such that he does not have a problem being kinda intimate with a dude. Who’s the other guy?

jacob soboroff gay air kiss with jose diaz-balart

Now, as we already mentioned, our Jacob is very much married. Here’s our hunk with his wife during their wedding day.

jacob soboroff wedding nicole cari

For those of you wondering, Jacob’s better half is Nicole Cari who works as the Vice President for Marketing & Communications of the clothing brand Band of Outsiders. According to The Daily Truffle, the two met at the LA showroom of the Band of Outsiders.

Jacob Soboroff wife nicole cari

What a good lookin’ couple!

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