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Jacob Romero Gibson Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Awards. From Jeff Ward and his crazy fun clown character, let’s check out the other actors who — for those of us who were neither manga nor anime fans — kinda introduced us to the wacky and delightful world of One Piece. This time, let’s say hi to one of the funniest actors on the show — Jacob Romero Gibson who plays the Slingshot Master that is Usopp.

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Of the main characters in the One Piece universe, Usopp is probably the most representative of the viewing audience. He is not gifted with a superpower like Luffy, he isn’t a skilled fighter like Zoro or Sanji, and he doesn’t know a lick about navigation like Nami. Nonetheless, he is brave and ready to learn, grow, and rise up to the extraordinary challenges ahead of him.

Jacob Romero Gibson Shirtless Photos. Unfortunately for those of you who are fans of shirtless celebrities, Jacob does not appear to the kind who post shirtless pics on social media. We’re afraid these will be the closest shirtless pics of the guy:

jacob romero shirtless

jacob romero gibson shirtless usopp

jacob romero gibson shirtless

Update: We have more shirtless pics featuring Jacob. The first one is from a music video for a song called Back Again/We On which he released with the Stereotype Band. The others are screencaps from One Piece.

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Specifically, these images are from episode five, Eat at Baratie, where he was regaling folks with his tall tales and was overheard by Mihawk.

jacob romero shirtless scene with mihawk

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jacob romero shirtless scene in one piece

Jacob Romero Girlfriend? We do not know his relationship status in real life but we will update this post once we do know. He’s got an onscreen girlfriend in One Piece though, Miss Kaya played by Celeste Loots.

jacob romero gibson usopp and kaya

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What The Actor Says About the Show. In an interview with Games Radar, Jacob has this to say about what he hopes the audience will take away from watching One Piece: “One, I hope that people see our show, and then go check out One Piece as it already exists. Go read the books, go watch the show. Like, fall into it. It’s such a wonderful experience. My dream is – even though the whole world already knows about One Piece – my dream is that someone, somewhere, somehow didn’t, and this show helps them come to One Piece.”

He adds: “My second answer would be to really find your crew. Find people that inspire you and that support you and that can help hold the mirror up to you so that you can believe in yourself and find your own bravery to go after your dreams, whatever they are. I think that there’s a lot of good to be done in the world in just following the dreams that live in your heart. So, I hope this show can help put a little fire under people.”

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Jacob Romero Gibson Ethnic Background. He is mixed race and he originally came from Jamaica before he moved to the U.S. to pursue his acting career.

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Jacob Romero Gibson Awards. His career is still young so he, understandably, have no acting awards yet. But he is clearly talented so don’t be surprised if he’ll be bringing home acting trophies in the coming years.

Aside from One Piece, Jacob has starred in 12 other projects like Greenleaf (where he played a recurring character) and Grey’s Anatomy (where he guested in one episode). He also starred as Emmett Till in a stage production about the martyr’s life.

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