Jacob Dudman Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Style Watch

Jacob Dudman Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Style Watch. Famewatchers, meet Jacob Dudman, one of the few Youtubers who legit made the transition from Youtube popularity to mainstream fame. His secret? He’s actually got talent — making very realistic celebrity impressions — which certainly caught the eye of talent scouts and celebrity-makers.

Elena Nicolaou of refinery29.com has some details on just how talented the guy is: “Dudman’s impressions are so spot-on you might involuntarily clap with glee, as I did, or suspect he’s possessed by fictional characters, a thing I also did. His signature gimmick is to have different characters sing musical theater songs, like ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables or ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical. In the geeky Olympics, Dudman’s videos win.”

Jacob’s transition to mainstream celebrityhood is, of course, made easier by the fact that he is also a good looking dude as you can see in this pic where he is rocking his sweater.

jacob dudman fashion style - sweater

Jacob on the red carpet during a British Film Institute FilmFest. Question: Is he wearing jeans?

jacob dudman fashion style - red carpet

To date, Jacob has 13 acting credits to his name the latest of which is the Netflix TV series The Stranger where he plays the role of Thomas Price. It starts streaming this week so you should check it out if you wanna see this British newbie opposite acting greats like Richard Armitage.

His other credits include Medici where he plays Giulio de’ Medici who, we’re assuming, is a priest. He sure can give Peter Campion a stiff competition for the Hot Priest title, no?

jacob dudman hot priest in medici

Jacob Dudman Shirtless Photos. These pics are for the hos and THOTs of the Famewatcher community who are thirsty for some shirtless British cuties.

jacob dudman shirtless

jacob dudman body

Hey look, a peekabo underwear. Apparently, our Jacob likes him his Calvin Klein underwear.

jacob dudman shirtless underwear calvin klein

Jacob Dudman Gay or Straight? Dating Status? He is straight. We do not know what his relationship status is like at the moment but, according to a Jacob Dudman fan account on Twitter, he used to date this beautiful girl with a really gorgeous hair.

jacob dudman girlfriend

Seriously, this girl’s hair is making us jealous because it’s just so beautifully styled. We do not know her name so shall we call her Becky With the Good Hair?

jacob dudman gay or girlfriend

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