Jack Griffo Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Jack Griffo Gay or Girlfriend? Today in celebrity chest hair, we bring you 19-year-old actor Jack Griffo. He gets lots and lots of props from us because unlike other young dudes, our Jack ain’t into shaving his body hair. Good for you, Jacko! Honestly, we don’t understand them body-hair shavers. We don’t understand why some men would willingly get rid of things that make them, you know, more manly.

jack griffo chest hair sexy

Is Jack Griffo gay or straight? The next photo below may suggest he is gay but our boy is actually straight.

jack griffo gay or straight

Does he have a girlfriend? Not at the moment. He used to date actress Ryan Newman but the two split last August. Still here’s a photo of the ex-couple.

jack griffo girlfriend

Rumor has it that Jake went on to date his The Thundermans co-star Kira Kosarin but the two insist that they are just friends. Here’s Kira responding to the rumor that they are dating:

It’s not going to happen. We actually messed with everyone a few days ago. We’ve been spending a lot of time together because we’re back at work and we’ve been posting pictures because we’re always together and we’re both social media obsessed teenagers. Everyone’s been commenting “Jira,” as a ship name, and we just think it’s the funniest thing ever because we couldn’t be more like brother and sister.

Jack Griffo Shirtless Photos. This is for those of you looking for Jack’s shirtless pics:

jack griffo shirtless body

And here’s another one.

jack griffo shirtless

Jack Griffo in bed. Do you think he sleep au natural?

jack griffo hot in bed

Jack Griffo Underwear: Boxers or Briefs. What type of underwear does our Jack prefer to wear? Boxer shorts? Briefs? Bikini-style undies? Well, we do not know his style preference. But when it comes to brands, it looks like the young actor is a fan of Calvin Kleins which is a good choice because CKs are the bomb!

jack griffo underwear boxers or briefs