J Crew Fall-Winter Jackets for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style

J Crew Fall-Winter Jackets for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style. If you are a jacket enthusiast (if there’s ever such a thing and we don’t see why there won’t be), you’d totally like these J Crew men’s jackets from its Fall and Winter collection.

jcrew fall winter jackets for men

They’re stylish but totally wearable.

mens fall winter jackets by jcrew. dark blue mens jacket

Hmm, where’s this guy lookin’ at?

jcrew white pants for men. jacket for fall and winter season

Hello, boyfriend!

j crew winter jackets

Want more fall clothes for dudes? Check out Tom Hardy’s Kathmandu bubble jacket and these fall sweaters for men from famous designers.

J Crew Men’s Spring/Summer Collection. So you’ve seen the above fall/winter jackets for men by J. Crew and you’ve wondered, “What about for the spring and summer seasons, what kind of men’s jackets does J. Crew have to keep its customers warm?”

Well, let’s check out some hot male models in their J. Crew Spring/Summer 2011 jackets, shall we? Let’s start with Tomas Skoloudik modeling his J. Crew spring jacket. Do you know where he’s from? All we know about him is that he did some gay-oriented adult videos before he made it to the mainstream modeling world.

Next up is Austrian male model Philipp Bierbaum looking cool in his J.Crew spring coat.

Then here’s gorgeous American stud Bobby Nicholas embodying J.Crew’s casual chic image.

Finally, here’s the American hunk that is Corey Baptiste (he’s ranked at #15 by models.com in its list of Top 50 male models) looking sexy and cool in his J. Crew outfits.

Celebrities Wearing J-Crew Jackets
21 September 2010

What do Tom Cruise and Tom Welling have in common? Well, aside from the fact that they’re both named Tom, that they’re both Americans, and that they’re both hot Hollywood studs (although Welling is way hotter than Cruise) both were spotted wearing J. Crew men’s jackets.

Here’s the hunkier Tom Welling wearing a J. Crew Utility Jacket in an episode of his TV show, Smallville.

celebrities wearing jcrew

For his part, the more famous but less hunky Tom Cruise (we can’t believe we’re still calling him a “hunk” actually) also wore a J. Crew utility jacket in his not-blockbuster but not-flop 2010 movie with Cameroon Diaz, Knight and Day.

By the way, just so you know, J.Crew isn’t only about giving you the best in men’s casual wear. It also has formal stuff for the occasions where you’d like to dress up like, say, when you go receive an Oscar Award like Geoffrey Fletcher.

celebrities wearing j crew

Geoffrey is all dressed up in a J.Crew tuxedo suit when he attended the 82nd Academy Award where he bagged a screenwriting Oscar for the movie, Precious: Based on the Novel “Push”.