Italian Speedo Hunks: Celebrities, Athletes, Models

Italian Speedo Hunks: Celebrities, Athletes, Models. Is it fair to say that Italian men holds the “Looks Best in Speedo” world title? It certainly does not go to the bashful Americans and their equally modest cousins to the north. We’re not sure if the Brits and the Germans can hold a candle to their Speedo-lovin’ European rivals but maybe Spaniards and Brazilians can do it? Oh wait, you know who can deny Italians the Looks Best in Speedo title? It’s them budgy-smuggler wearing Aussies from the Land Down Under. Anyhoo, here’s a list of Italian celebrities who were spotted rocking their briefs-style swimsuits:

Gianluigi Buffon, 41 year old Italian professional footballer having fun at the beach while wearing his neon green Speedo. Also known as Gigi, he plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Juventus and is widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. [Want more Male Celebrity Speedo?]

italian speedo hunks - footballer Gianluigi Buffon

Federico Dimarco. Like Gigi above our next Italian Speedo hunk is also a football player. Twenty-year-old Federico began his pro-football career playing for Inter Milan but he currently plays for Parma. Moreover, he’s been a regular member of the national team from U-15 up to U-21.

italian speedo hunks - football player Federico Dimarco

Filippo Magnini, two-time World Swimming Championship winner and Olympic bronze medalist, made the headlines in June this year when he saved a drowning tourist off the coast of Sardinia. He tells us what happened via Associated Press: “The swimmer was in trouble. At a certain point, he got scared, couldn’t move and swallowed a bit of water. When I reached him, he couldn’t even speak. I did what I felt I should do, swim as fast as I could to save him. The important thing is the swimmer is safe.”

italian speedo hunks - olympic swimmer Filippo Magnini

Pietro Boselli. University physics professor and male model Pietro Boselli aka our imaginary Italian boyfriend is looking cool and hot in his Speedo swimsuit, no? We cannot recall how he became a world famous model so here’s a question for those in the know: Was Pietro already a model when a student shared the photo of him teaching in the classroom or did he become a model after the world discovered him via said photo?

italian speedo hunks - pietro boselli

Andrea Denver. Next in our list of Italian Speedo hunks is also a male model. Twenty-eight-year old Andrea Denver (aka Andrea Salerna) is from Verona but he is currently based in New York City. You might have spotted him in Jennifer Lopez’s video I Luh Ya Papi as well as in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.

italian speedo hunks - andrea denver male model

Gianluca Vacchi. Who says looking good in their Speedo swimsuits is only a young man’s game? Certainly not this 51-year-old playboy millionaire and Instagram superstar (did you know he has 11 million followers) who wowed beach goers when he strutted confidently in his white Speedos. Way to go, zaddy!

italian speedo hunks - Italian Playboy Gianluca Vacchi2

Bruno Tonioli. Last but not the least in our list of Italian Speedo hunks is dance royalty Bruno Tonioli who, at 63 years old, is — to borrow the words of Wendy Williams — still dipping and doing it. Props to you, Bruno!

italian speedo hunks - bruno tonioli

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