Italian Swimmers Dolce Gabbana Underwear Models: Hot, Hunky, Gorgeous

Italian Swimmers Dolce Gabbana Underwear Models: Hot, Hunky, Gorgeous. You can’t get enough of Italian hunks? We can’t enough of them either so here’s more photos of sexy men from Italy: members of the Italian men’s swimming team modeling Dolce and Gabbana underwear.


Who’s hotter, the Italian swimming team or the Italian men’s water polo team? We gotta say its the swim team but its mainly because they have more photos for us to ogle at. After all, more photos of guys in their sexy swimsuits means more hawtness. You agree, right? Of course you do!

Anyhoo, do anyone of you fellow Italian Famewatchers know the identities of these swimmer models? Please do identify them in the comments and tell us whether they’ve won any swimming medals in competitions such as the Olympics and stuff.


Also, Deena wants to know whether these are really swimmers or whether they’re actually models being mis-identified as swimmers. We say they’re actually swimmers but she says they’re “too model gorgeous” and that they have too well-defined washboard six-pack abs to be swimmers.

italian swimmers dolce gabbana

Do you agree with our friend Deena? Surely swimmers can be “model gorgeous” and have washboard abs, right?¬†Want more men in sexy briefs underwear? Check out our post on Red Underwear Briefs.

italian swimmers dolce gabbana underwear

Update: We are updating this post to give you the names of this hunky Italian swimmers modeling Dolce Gabbana underwear. According to The Cut, the swimmer models are: Emiliano Brembilla, Paolo Bossini, Alessandro Terrin, Mirko Di Tora, and Nicola Cassio. The five are members of the Italian national swimming team.

Who of these hunky swimmers is your favorite? Who would you bring home to mama. Truth be told, we don’t mind bringing all of them home to mama. Nah, we’re joking of course. Fact is, we’re already taken. Hehe.

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