Israeli Male Model of the Day: Dudi Balsar in Speedo

Israeli Male Model of the Day: Dudi Balsar in Speedo. If you are like us, you would be going, “Hey, do you have more awesome photos for that handsome Israeli lawyer Dudi Balsar?” Fortunately for you (and for us), Dudi is also a male model so it’s not hard to come across many more modeling photos of the guy. Our favorite is, of course, the one above where he’s wearing a black Speedo. [Update: Sorry we had to delete the Speedo pics for because it made our Grandma Akita hot and bothered.]

More photos of our Israeli male model of the day after the jump.

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israeli male model dudi balsar shirtless

Best Lawyer in the World: Dudi Balsar, Israeli Male Model
01 December 2009

dudi balsar castroman model

And the best lawyer in the world is…… Dudi Balsar of Israel. Huh? Why exactly is he the world’s best lawyer? Well, because he’s got the hottest lawyer’s briefs in the world: its short enough to grab our attention, its long enough to cover the subject and its meaty content. Isn’t this what a lawyer’s brief is supposed to be?

Dudi, for those of us who haven’t heard of him before, is not just a lawyer. He’s also a model and television host in Israel.

UPDATE: Dudi Balzar Got Handballs. Hah, should we include this Israeli hunk to our list of men with big balls? Maybe we should, eh? It turns out that our model lawyer is also a handball player. We must admit that we know nothing about the game of handball. =

It would be crazy if this is how the game is actually played. Maybe some of you who are familiar with the mechanics of the game can enlighten us?

Isn’t our Dudi looking fabulous in his Adidas workout jacket? We love the fact that he’s gone shirtless too. Wowza. Want more Israeli hunks?

Israeli Male Model of the Day: Dudi Balsar in Speedo. Posted 12 December 2009. Updated 30 November 2017.