Tom Mercier Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

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Tom Mercier Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Anyone of you watching We Are Who We Are on HBO? Damn, we did not know the actors will be so revealing. By revealing, we mean that sometimes, there are scenes in the show where the actors totally go au naturel. For instance, there’s that episode where Sebastiano Pigazzi takes off his Speedo and waves it over his head. And in another episode, we see Tom Mercier move around in his birthday suit.

Asaf Goren Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless, Underwear, SYTYCD

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Is Asaf Goren Gay? The SYTYCD star that Season 12 has been waiting for may finally be here in the person of Asaf Goren! He’s got some killer moves that every dancer should be envious of. He’s gorgeous and handsome and a body to-die-for. And he’s got a great, winsome personality. If that ain’t a triple threat, we don’t know what is.