Isha Blaaker Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Modeling Photos

Isha Blaaker Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Modeling Photos. Oh boy, we sure are glad we got to watch Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming. We did not plan to at first but our favorite podcasters were having a great time talking about it so we immediately got on Netflix to see the movie. As mentioned, we glad we did because not only is it a fun movie, it also introduced us to this gorgeous hunk of an actor named Isha Blaaker who is now our latest imaginary Netflix beau!!!

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For the movie, Isha played the role of Davi, a graduating law student who is roommates with Tim (played by another gorgeous hunk of a dude Brandon Black) who is the great-grandson of Madea.

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Isha Blaaker Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? In the movie, everyone just assumed that Davi and Tim are gay lovers simply because they are college roommates. They were right about Tim being a member of the rainbow flag community and when he came out during the cookout, they were like, “Son, we already know you are gay”. However, they were wrong about him and Davi being lovers. Davi is, in fact, straight but he does have a secret of his own which we ain’t gonna spoil for you.

Anyhoo, is Isha Blaaker gay or straight in real life and does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend? We gotta admit that we do not have the answers at this time but, as we usually do here on Famewatcher, we will update this post once we have the information.

isha blaaker gay or straight

Now, Madea is Isha’s first movie project ever but it is his fourth acting gig having previously appeared in three TV projects including The Flight Attendant, Red Riding Hoods, and DNA. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he will continue to star in future movies and TV shows because, boy, he looks great on our screen.

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Isha Blaaker Ethnicity? This is another matter where we have no categorical information but if we are gonna guess, we’re gonna say he is mixed race. What we do know is that he was born in Suriname but he grew up in The Netherlands. He can speak Dutch, English, French, German, and Surinamese Creole and graduated with holds degrees in business administration (his Bachelor’s) and consultancy (his Master’s).

Prior to joining the acting biz, he’s been modeling all over the world for various top brands such as Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others. Here are some of his modeling photos which we grabbed from his Insta (follow him @ishablaaker) and Facebook accounts:

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isha blaaker model - suit by jazzythetailor

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Isha Blaaker underwear model for bjorn borg

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