Is Pete Doherty Gay, Straight, or Bi? Man Kissing Photos

Is Pete Doherty Gay, Straight, or Bi? Man Kissing Photos (posted 29 May 2015, updated). Is Pete Doherty gay? We don’t know. But we do know that he’s got no problem featuring two men kissing in his latest project, Last of the English Roses.

Reports the Sun: “Never one to shy away from a little controversy, PETE DOHERTY has cast two lads to smooch in his new video… The boy-on-boy kiss comes as a surprise at the end of the vid which is set in a playground outside a block of flats.”

pete doherty gay kiss

Pete Doherty Gay Update: In an earlier post on Pete Doherty, we said that we didn’t know whether or not he’s is gay. We should have searched the web because it turns out that he himself addressed the question by saying that he was a “prison gay” when he was detained at the Wormwoods Scrubs for breach of probation.

In an interview with NME magazine he talks about his prison “husband”: “I had to be moved to a secure wing of the prison when it was discovered the other inmates were planning to inflict a vicious wedgy upon my person! It was jolly well frightening, I can tell you. So I entered my new cell on the other wing – and there he was! He told me his name was Denis, and that he was from Wolverhampton. We just clicked straightaway.”

He continues: “He was so warm and welcoming in every way, it was definitely prison love at first sight. He took me everywhere with him and told all the other chaps that I was his ‘wife’ and that I wasn’t to be touched or there’d be fisty-cuffs!”

So there, we hope this settles the matter about Pete’s sexuality.

Pete Doherty Making Out With Dudes. We uploaded Pete kissin’ another dude in our post on Celebrity Gay Kisses. Here are more man-kissin’ photos of our singin’ hunk:

pete doherty cart barat gay kiss

With Carl Barat, Pete’s co-lead vocalist for the now-you-see-them-now-you-dont band, The Libertines

pete doherty gay kiss carl barat

Here’s Pete swapping spit with Drew McConnell, backing vocalist and guitarist for Pete’s other band, Babyshambles. The caption sez it all, no?

pete doherty gay kiss drew mcconnell

So is Pete Doherty gay, straight, or bi? His reported relationships are with women but one of his exes claim that our Pete wants it both ways.

Here’s a report by Chris Hughes from back in 2005: “PETE Doherty’s ex-lover lifted the lid on the Babyshambles star’s bisexuality yesterday. Doherty, 26, admitted in a book this week he was once a pounds 20-a-time rent boy. Katie Lewis, with him before he met Kate Moss, claimed: ‘Pete loves romping with men and women. It broke my heart the day I walked in on Pete in the shower delicately soaping a n*k*d man.’ Katie, 22, claimed she romped three in a bed with Doherty and the Libertines’ Carl Barat after ‘a wild night out. We were … high on drink and drugs’.”

So there. We now have on answer, it is clear that Pete is a fluid guy.

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