Is Jack Castello Real or Not: Hollywood on Netflix

Is Jack Castello Real or Not: Hollywood on Netflix. Is Jack Castello, the suave wannabe actor played by our imaginary boyfriend David Corenswet, real? If he is, did he really use the tools that good genes has given him to romance his way to the top? Or is the curly-haired hot guy just a product of Ryan Murphy’s brilliant — and sometimes unnecessarily convoluted — imagination?

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Well, for the record, IMDB lists three Jack Castellos who became actors in Hollywood. First, there’s a Jack Castello who played the 15-year-old Michael “Eddie” Edwards in the 2015 movie Eddie the Eagle. Then there’s an actor by the same name who was active in the 1920s/1930s and who appeared in the following movies: La fruta amarga (1931), The Valley of Doubt (1920) and El suceso de anoche (1929).

Finally, there’s another 1920s Jack Castello who starred in a 1921 movie called Ham Omelet. Our third Jack is the only one who’s got a picture and, boy, he sure is a hottie.

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So there is no good lookin’, sweet talkin’, military veteran Jack Castello who romanced the wife of a producer in post-war Hollywood? Nope! The Jack Castello in this TV series is made up. Although, to be fair to the writers of the show, there is no dearth of hot dudes in Hollywood who used whatever tools they have — even working as Dreamland mechanics — to survive and hopefully make it to the top.

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Now, since the role he plays is not based on a real person, where did our boo David Corenswet derive inspiration from for his portrayal of a dashing Hollywood actor? Entertainment Weekly has an answer: “Corenswet’s character is an amalgamation of Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and James Dean — young Hollywood rebels who helped revolutionize the type of acting audiences were seeing on screen.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, David has this to say about his Jack Castello: “The upside to my character is that he’s very naive and very wide-eyed and really doesn’t know much about [the business]. I think one of the interesting things about him is that he is blind, for the most part, to the injustices — they haven’t affected him personally, so he isn’t aware of them, but also he hasn’t internalized the prejudices of the society around him.”

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