Danny Gokey is an Arrogant Idol Douchebag?

Danny Gokey is an Arrogant Idol Douchebag? Just asking. Seems like there’s a backlash against Danny Gokey for the way he behaved during the American Idol results night. Here’s a sample of what the internet netizens are saying:

[Source]: ew. wth was up with Danny moving away when Tatiana tried to reach out to him. No matter how annoying or dramatic she has been, that was a sincere gesture she was giving. Danny seems arrogant. I’m liking him less now.

[source]: Well thanks to whom ever called Danny a douchebag…cause that’s my new nickname for him after tonight…Danny Douchebag. When you win/advance you consol/applaude/hug the loser. You do not let out a big WOOOOOOOOOO and ignore the person next to you. Don’t get me started on his high school chemistry goggles he was wearing…just NO.

ANd yep….the teeshirt with the deceased wife’s pic and a number to call to donate to the charity are next. Serioulsy, to whip out her picture on tv…..just shaking my head! That wasn’t TPTB doing it but Danny Douchebags own friends and family. Tacky is the mildest word I can think to use.

[source]: It’s amazing how fast a potentially likable contestant can drop so quickly in my personal standings. I think Goeky has plummeted even faster than Chris Sligh did in my estimation. I mean – outside of the songs he chooses to sing, the smug look on his face tonight when he was waiting for the judges to kiss his ass some more seriously made me wish I could shoot red-hot laser beams out of my eyes and incinerate him. I’m sorry his wife died — it’s tragic, but tragedies happen. I’m not sure if she would appreciate him turning her into a gimmick to get the attention of American Idol voters (I know I sure wouldn’t!) — his voice should be enough, for goodness sake! He’s not the only person in the world who has lost someone, so STFU already.

Also — show, show, show — was it really necessary to go for the extreme drama of putting Tatiana up last against Goeky and then so obviously hoping to catch her guaranteed dramatic meltdown on camera? That’s just excessively cruel. I found myself routing for her to make the top 12 and Goeky to get cut, just to mess with 19E’s using this delusional girl for ratings some more. PLUS, how great would it have been to see Goeky get that public a reality check? Anyone else for the win but him!

What say you? Do you agree with these comments? Bring back Tatiana!

Danny Gokey: Saved By This Scream & By Vote for the Worst?
07 May 2009

Hahaha. We can’t believe this guy is in the Top 3. We’d like to think that he was saved by this scream and by them peeps at Vote for the Worst. Go, Allison.

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