Is Alexander Ludwig Gay?

Is Alexander Ludwig Gay or Straight? Is our favorite up-and-coming celebrity, Alexander Ludwig of The Hunger Games, by any chance gay? We ask because…. pink pants!!!! Haha. Yeah, we’re being silly.

Our stupid brain is wired to associate pinky colors with gayness so we see a guy in pink pants and the silly part of our brain goes, “Hey, there’s a guy in pink pants, he must be a friend of Dorothy!”

alexander ludwig body

Thankfully, the rational part of our brain kicks in afterwards and goes, “Oh come on. Just because a man is wearing pink shorts is not proof that he is gay. It’s proof that he is so comfortable in his straightness such that he doesn’t mind wearing pink pants even if people think he’s gay.”

alexander ludwig gay or straight - pink shorts

Anyhoo, for the record, we don’t think Alexander Ludwig is gay. In fact, he has a girlfriend named Nicole Pedra.

But what are other websites saying about Alexander’s gayness or straightness?

Let’s check ’em out, shall we?

From which produces a gay celebrity metric based on what its visitors think: “According to 514 visitors Alexander Ludwig is 67% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Alexander Ludwig is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

From “No. Actor Alexander Ludwig is not gay. He’s considered to be heterosexual. He dated Annasophia Robb in 2008 and 2009, around the time they starred together in the movie Race to Witch Mountain. It’s recently been rumored that he’s dating his co-star from The Hunger Games, actress Leven Rambin. A video was released showing them kissing publicly in Hollywood.”

From “It said said that he Alexander Ludwig is not gay though this could just be a cover up we won’t know till hes older! ChaCha!”

From Yahoo! Answers:

Question: Don’t u think Alexander Ludwig is kinda gay…? Well,,, i’ve seen some of his interview,,, and i thought he seems kinda gay… Well he got this expression and body languange that… i usually saw in couple of my gay friend…

Best Answer: You’re so close minded! If someone SAYS they’re gay then they’re gay. He hasn’t said a thing right? Some really straight men act gay. Lay off the stereotypes!

So there, fellow Famewatchers. The “Is Alexander Ludwig gay” question has been answered. Here’s Alexander with girlfriend Nicole Pedra during a recent vacation to Hawaii. Who is Nicole Pedra? She is a Boston-based model according to a Daily Mail news report.

alexander ludwig girlfriend

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Is Alexander Ludwig Gay or Straight? Is Nicole Pedra His Girlfriend? Posted 12 June 2013.