Is Adam Pally Gay in Real Life?

Is Adam Pally Gay? Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Is Adam Pally gay in real life? He plays a gay guy in ABC’s Happy Endings but is our 30-year old comedian gay for real? No he is not. IRL, he is a straight dude with a wife (Daniella Liben) and a kid (son Cole).

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In non-mainstream adult entertainment, our Adam (as Max Blum) would be what our friend Kevin would call “gay for pay”. Or a straight guy who plays the role of a gay man. We’re not surprised that the gheys are loving his character.

From an interview with the Advocate Magazine:

The Advocate: What kind of response have you gotten from gay viewers?
Adam Pally: Sometimes it’s stuff like, “Send me your shirtless pictures,” but I’ve also had a couple kids tell me on Facebook that Max gave them the courage to come out. That was really cool. So it runs the gamut from creeps to genuine adoration, and I like it all. The thing I get the most is that every gay guy thinks he’s Max.

Is that really something to brag about? He’s kind of a mess.
Yeah, he’s a total mess. He’s in debt, he’s a slob, he’s overweight, and he’s a borderline alcoholic, but it seems like almost every gay man wants to be him. I think the gay community has latched onto him because it doesn’t matter what his sexuality is. He just happens to be a gay man.

Does he kind of remind you of Kathy Griffin’s “boyfriend” Levi Johnston? But he’s better than Levi when it comes to posing in their underwear. Check out Adam in his Y-Front briefs below (still caps from Happy Endings).


Adam Pally shirtless in white underwear! Yay!

adam pally underwear - briefs - happy endings

Now isn’t it refreshing to see a somewhat overweight male celebrity in his undies? For this reason, we give a lot of props, props, and props to Adam Pally. Oh, and he doesn’t mind being made a male sex symbol too which is probably why he’s posing with alacrity below. Hehe.

adam pally underwear y front briefs

From the Advocate:

As a somewhat hairy guy with a bit of a belly, do you mind being sexually objectified by the bear community?
First of all, I don’t mind being sexually objectified by anybody. But I don’t think I’m quite a bear. I think I’m probably more of a cub. You have to be a little bigger than I am to be a bear, but hey, we all have goals.

Nah Adam, stay the way you are and don’t dream of becoming a bear. We think you’re better off as a cub than as a daddy bear.

Is Adam Pally Gay? Shirtless and Underwear Photos posted 18 January 2013. Updated 14 March 2017.