Irish Beefcake: Hunky Farmboys and Farmers Calendar

Irish Beefcake: Hunky Farmboys and Farmers Calendar. Who says only YFC farm girls can do a clothes-free calendar photoshoot for a higher cause? Not these beefy Irish farmers who are also baring their bodies for a mens calendar project. You might want to support them by buying their calendar. Part of the proceeds will go to a charity called Bothar which helps farmers in third world countries.

irish farmers calendar2

From the Irish Central:

The 12 poses show some of Ireland’s finest farmers strutting their stuff about the farm. Mr. September serenades a sow with his guitar, while Mr. October cuddles up to his collie in his tractor.

June is a devilish shot of a farmer with an Aran sweater draped over his bare shoulder, as five sheep seem oblivious to the action in the background.

March is a ladies special, and no doubt there will be a plethora of female fans up for a roll in the hay with this guy.

By the way, if you’re based in Ireland, you might want to join the Farmer’s Calendar competition to win a date with Mister March or Mister November. Isn’t that awesome?

We have more photos of your Irish Farmer Calendar Boys below. Wanna jump in the hay with this dude?

irish beefcake

What about ironing this farmer’s shirt for him?

irish shirtless farmers calendar

Or maybe we should relax and sit down after a hard day’s work of baling hay?

hot farmers calendar

One of the cool and neat things about being a farmer is the fact that, because its a physical activity, you ain’t gonna be fat like them chair-bound workers or less physical work.

Update: Irish Farmer Hunks Calendar 2011

Yay! The folks who gave us the Irish farmers calendar a year ago are coming up with a second edition of their popular calendar. Here’s Mr. January reading the Crop Times. Are those two pigs adorable or what?

irish farm hunks calendar

At home with Mr. February, either he’s getting ready to go to the farm or he just came from the farm and is starting to unwind.

shirtless irish farmers calendar

Wouldn’t it be cool to share a meal with these three Messrs June?

sexy irish farmers

Aww, if Mr. April and his sheep do not melt a lady’s hardened heart then we’re afraid she’s hopeless.

We’re confused by this photo. Looks like the shirtless guy is confused too. Hehe.

Mr. December mends his own shirt? What’s not to like? We’d gladly do it for him and we think other girls will gladly do it too. Us girls love men who mend their own shirts, right?

It looks like the Irish Farmers’ Beefcake Calendar is gonna be a yearly thing so watch out for updates to this post.

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