Ingo Rademacher Underwear, Shirtless, Speedo Photos – Then and Now

Ingo Rademacher Underwear, Shirtless, Speedo Photos – Then and Now. Professional dancer Gleb Savchenko and his dance partner Lisa Vanderpump were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. It was a sad, sad, sad day especially for our friend Kevin because he really loves him his Russian/Aussie hunk.

ingo rademacher shirtless daddy

Good thing Ingo Rademacher is still in contention.

Ingo Rademacher underwear

How hot is Ingo? Well, he is so hawt that even though he is now in his 40s, our ageist friend Deena wouldn’t mind seeing him in his skimpy tight Speedos. All that running and biking and swimming he does is keeping him in great shape. By the way, did you know that he is an accomplished triathlete?

Ingo+Rademacher+speedo hunk triathlon

This geocities (remember geocities?) story tells us that Ingo, with friend Real Andrews, competed in the 2000 Nautica Malibu Triathlon: “Both competed in the recent 2000 Nautica Malibu Triathlon which benefitted Pediatric AIDS, but only Rademacher is the proud owner of a gold medal, having been named the U.S. National Celebrity Triathlon Champion. He participated in both team competitions as well as an individual competing in all the races.”

Do you know any other celebrity triathlete? Do you think they can beat Ingo at his prime? Incidentally, he is also a certified in real life which is why it was easy for us to find some Speedo pics of him when he was younger. Check ’em out.

ingo rademacher no clothes - younger

Oh wait, these photos may not be actually from when he was on “lifeguard duty” but from his very first TV show, Paradise Beach, which originally aired in Australia in 1993-1994.

ingo rademacher young hunk in briefs underwear

Ingo as a coverboy of Playgirl Magazine. Is that the bluest pair of celebrity eyes or what?

ingo rademacher - playgirl magazine coverboy

Ingo in white trousers, what’s not to like?


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