Independent Watch for Men: Affordable Japanese Brand

Independent Watch for Men: Affordable Japanese Brand. Nearly nine years later, we are updating this post to note the affordability of the Independent Watch. Do you know for instance that you can buy this chronograph watch for less than US$120 (13,000 yen)? If that ain’t the best value for money, we don’t know what is.

affordable independent watch japanese brand - 118 usd only

Here are two other Independent watches for the budget conscious from the brand’s Timeless collection:

timeless independent watch - 156 usd only

You can buy the above sporty chronograph watch with a tachymeter ring on the bezel for about US$156 (17,000 yen). The Solar Tech Radio-equipped watch below with a NATO type nylon band is a bit pricier at US$ 229 (25,000 yen) but still within affordable range.

timeless independent watch - solar tech japanese brand - 228 usd only

Jack Sparrow Independent Watch – Japanese Mens Watches on Jesper Larsson (20 December 2010). Earlier, we blogged about Japanese men’s suits, the fundoshi Japanese underwear, and this Evisu Japanese jeans. Now, let’s blog about Japanese watches particularly this Independent watch on Swedish male model Jesper Larsson.

cheap independent japanese watch

cheap independent watch japanese brand

What exactly is this Independent watch, you ask? We are with you, buddy. This is our first time to hear about it too. Thankfully, wikipedia comes to the rescue with this information about this watch brand:

Independent Watches, a secondary label to Citizen Watches offered primarily in Japan, feature a more modern, contemporary look than the traditional Citizen line. Watches produced through the Independent label are generally released through seasonal collections.

So now you know! Want more Japanese watches? Check out these Seiko watches as well as these Casio watches.

Independent Watches Collection. Here are some of the interesting watches from Independent. If you are a fan of Johnny Depp and his Pirates of the Caribbean series, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this Jack Sparrow inspired watch.

jack sparrow independent watch pirates of the carribean

From its Special Editions (Collaboration) Collection, here’s a John Lawrence Sullivan/Independent watch.You can buy it for ¥28,350 ( ¥27,000 ) which, if our rough calculation is correct, somewhere around US$300 to US$400. Right, Deena?

john lawrence sullivan independent watch

Here’s another interesting elegant timepiece from the Japanese watch company’s Regular Collection which you can have for ¥18,900 (¥18,000 ).

cheap japanese watch independent

And finally, here’s a watch from the Autumn/Winter Collection. We’re guessing it’s designed to ward off the winter cold? Haha. How much does this particular model cost? This one will reportedly cost you ¥30,450 ( ¥29,000 ) which, if our currency conversion is correct, is somewhere around U$300/400 like the John Lawrence Sullivan watch above.

best cheap independent watch

Independent Watch for Men: Affordable Japanese Brand. First posted 20 December 2010. Last updated: November 30, 2019 at 7:58 am.