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Hunter Parrish Underwear Photos: Boxers or Briefs? You knew we were gonna update this post to publish some Hunter Parrish underwear photos, didn’t you? What, you didn’t? Come on now, whether you expected it or not, we’re going to do it anyway after we came across this really fun and really cool photo of a briefs-wearing Hunter inside a big bubble ball. It’s a you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it kind of thing so here’s the pic for those of you who haven’t seen it already.

We’re told by Deena that this is from an episode of Weeds. Since we don’t watch the show, we’ll have to take her word for it. Not that she’s a liar or anything. This is probably the coolest male celebrity underwear photo we’ve ever published here since forever, ever, ever, ever.

hunter parrish underwear briefs weeds

You’re wishing to see a close-up photo of Hunter, don’t you? Since we’re your fairy godmother, consider your wish fulfilled. Here’s Hunter in his itsy bitsy teeny weeny white underwear bikini. We’d like to think that’s what behind that outfit is not itsy bitsy teeny weeny. Hehe. Argh, didn’t we resolve earlier this year to get our minds out of the gutter?

hunter parrish underwear boxers or briefs

Apparently, Hunter is like most men we know who don’t limit their options to either briefs or boxers. He wears them both. Here’s the Hollywood cutie, appearing on stage as Jesus in the Broadway show, Godspell. That’s Wallace Smith in the foreground.

hunter parrish shirtless in godspell

Here’s a shirtless Hunter wearing another boxer shorts while playing in bed. Not unexpectedly, Deena and Kevin would like to jump into that bed with him.

hunter parrish shirtless

Now, we’re not sure if the last picture below is real or photoshopped. It looks like an advert for some kind of a drink. Maybe you can tell us if the pic is real or not.

hunter parrish underwear

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Hunter Parrish Suit and Skinny Tie Plus Underwear Photos
16 August 2010

Let’s add Hunter Parrish (best known as Silas Botwin in Weeds on Showtime) to our list of male celebrities who are rocking the skinny tie. Photos from the 2009 screening of the movie, It’s Complicated.

Isn’t he a cutie? He’s the kind of guy who lights up the room with his smile.

Want more celebrities in skinny ties?

Hunter Parrish Underwear posted on 16 August 2010. Updated 3 March 2017.