Stephen Moyer Shirtless, Underwear, and Red Carpet Tux

Stephen Moyer Shirtless Update. Huh! It turns out that we never added shirtless photos of Stephen Moyer The Actor (vs. Stephen Moyer The Model) so this update is meant to correct our mistake. What do you think of our zaddy Stephen and his beach look? Pretty good for a middle-aged guy, no?

stephen moyer hot daddy

stephen moyer shirtless

Of course, he’s also gone shirtless lots of times in True Blood and, as you may have guessed, our favorite would be the episode where he goes tete-a-tete with Sam Trammell. Yum!

stephen moyer shirtless in true blood

stephen moyer gay with sam trammell

Is Stephen Moyer gay or straight? He is straight and married to wife Anna Paquin. The True Blood stars tied the knot in 2010 and are the proud parents of two children. Stephen also has another child from an earlier relationship.

What is our Stephen doing now? He’s still busy starring in movies and TV shows. One of his more recent projects would be the teen romantic drama After Ever Happy and After We Fell where he played the role of Christian Vance.

stephen moyer now - vance in ever after happy

Stephen Moyer, The Model (11 November 2011). Did you know that Stephen Moyer, the True Blood hunk, has a namesake who is a model and a personal trainer. Yay. According to his ModelMayhem page, this Stephen Moyer used to be a professional basketball player who turned to modeling particularly fitness modeling which, as it happens, requires him to pose in various states of undress. Check out his gorgeous modeling photos.

Stephen Moyer in Emporio Armani briefs.

And his Dolce & Gabbana underwear. If only True Blood’s Stephen will also do some modeling on the side and give us pictures like these, no?

Stephen Moyer: True Blood Hunk in Tuxedo (6 January 2010). What’s the secrets behind the success of ratings winner True Blood? Well, the success of the show may not be a secret at all. In fact, maybe you already know some of the show’s secrets: hunks, hunks, and hunks. Okay, maybe them hunks are not the only reason for the show’s success but they sure are an important ingredient which made the HBO show the hit that it is.

Stephen Moyer hot in suit red carpet

Want to check out the True Blood hunks? Here’s the links to at least two of them: Alexander Skarsgard and Allan Hyde. Of course, we should also add British actor Stephen Moyer [aka Bill Compton] to the list. Here’s Stephen in his badass vampire awesomeness.

stephen moyer true blood hunk

stephen moyer true blood hunk2

Kind of hot, eh? However, we gotta admit that we prefer Stephen in his tuxedo. Want more photos of hot men in tuxedo?

stephen moyer tuxedo suit

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