Hunks in Jeans: Sculpted Abs of Guys Named Luke

Hunks in Jeans: Sculpted Abs of Guys Named Luke. Since the earlier models we wrote about earlier in this post are guys named Luke, we thought it would be cool if we add more shirtless hunks in jeans who are also named Luke. Hehe.

Let’s start with male model Luke Eisner who, last year, managed to cross over to the movies when he co-starred in the movie Tall Girl. Since then, he snagged more acting projects so he now has a total of 6 IMDB acting credits to his name.

hunks in jeans - luke eisners

Like the guy above, Luke Lysdahl — seen below wearing Levis jeans and APC jacket — is an actor and model. He currently has two acting projects in development according to IMDB — Black Widow Spider and Train Can Make U Turn.

hunks in jeans - luke lysdahl in levis

We know we’ve blogged about Luke Guldan before but he’s so hot we have to include him in our list of jeans-wearing shirtless guys named Luke. We were delighted when he started appearing on The Good Place and are happy to note that he continues to book acting gigs. Check him out in an upcoming sci-fi thriller called Final Frequency.

hunks in jeans - luke guldan

Finally, here’s a gorgeous model named Luke Henry who arguably has the best washboard abs among our Lukes. Unfortunately, we know little about the guy but you can follow him on Facebook (lukehenrymodel).

hunks in jeans - luke henry male model

Want more hot men in jeans?

Luke Boyden’s Low Hang Jeans (posted 18 April 2010). How hot are button jeans? Well, it depends on who’s wearing them button jeans. If it’s someone like male model Luke Boyden then they’re hot indeed. But if it’s someone like that crazy nutbag Rush Limbaugh … argh … the thought of Rush wearing jeans is driving us crazy.

luke boyden shirtless

Anyhoo, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones liking Luke Boyden so here’s some pics of him not only in his low hang underwear-revealing button jeans but also photos of him in his swimwear and underwear which suspiciously looks like they’re enhanced down there.

luke boyden low hang jeans

Luke Garrett: Muscled Cowboy in Faded Jeans (posted 21 August 2009). Unlike big hair and shoulder pads, the faded jeans look is a 1980s fashion trend that will stand the test of time. And why not? It looks cool and rugged and manly. Especially if the man wearing it looks like Luke Garrett with his muscles and all.

luke garrett body

luke garrett muscle cowboy

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