Hugo Boss Underwear Male Models: Gio Vitale, Ryan Cooper, Leandro Maeder

Hugo Boss Underwear Male Models: Gio Vitale. Remember our hunk of the day male model Gio Vitale? Well, we’re sure you still remember him. It turns out that our imaginary Italian American boyfriend has modeled for Hugo Boss underwear so we decided to put up his modeling photo up there. He’s really sexy, isn’t he?

hugo boss underwear models gio vitale

Check out another photo of our Gio after the jump.

hugo boss underwear model mens gio vitale

Want more sexy Italian men? Or sexy men in jeans? Whatever it is you want, make sure you don’t miss these photos of sexy mens underwear made by various designer brands.


More Hugo Boss Male Underwear Model: Ryan Cooper and Leandero Maeder
16 August 2011

hugo boss underwear models leandro maeder

You want more sexy male underwear models for Hugo Boss, don’t you? Well, here’s Swiss male model
Leandro Maeder (real name: Leandro Monticheli). Leandro was part of a Hugo Boss advertising campaign sometime in 2009.

Hah! What do you think of our Swiss hunk’s “Crouching Tiger Hidden Python” pose? Cool enough for yah?

hugo boss male underwear models

Aside from modeling, Leandro has also done some acting. In fact, he has three acting credits listed in IMDB which some of you may have seen: American High School a romantic comedy released in 2009 (video), Barbiere, IL (a 2008 mafia movie), and the 2006 movie Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.

Another Hugo Boss Underwear model is Ryan Cooper who headlined the recent 2010 advertising campaign for the Hugo Boss Orange Bodywear line.

hugo boss underwear models ryan cooper

Didn’t we tell you we love guys in tank top shirts particularly white shirts?

hugo boss mens underwear models

But we love Ryan in whatever clothes he’s wearing.

hugo boss mens underwear

For those of you who are wondering, Ryan is from Kiwiland also known as New Zealand which some of you call The Land Where There Are More Sheep Than People.

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