Hugo Boss Leather Jacket For Men: Celebrity Style Watch

Hugo Boss Leather Jacket for Men. Want proof that Hugo Boss leather jackets are cool? Well, what about the fact that two cool celebrities – German artist Bill Kaulitz and English race driver Lewis Hamilton – are wearing the brand? Formula One racer Lewis, the 2008 Formula One World Champion, is wearing a Hugo Boss Black Cyan leather jacket in the pic above.

hugo boss leather jacket for men lewis hamilton

For his part, Bill, known as the lead singer of Tokio Hotel is wearing a Hugo Boss Lambus leather jacket below.

hugo boss leather jacket for men bill kaulitz

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Aside from the Cyan and the Lambus, other outfits from Hugo Boss’s men’s leather jacket collection are as follows:

The Jerie: Regular fit, vintage sheepskin leather jacket with distinctive snap closure pockets and Rinnova insulation. How much is this particular Hugo Boss leather jacket? You can have it for $545 US.

hugo boss leather jacket for men

Fando Motorcyle Leather: Made of 100% sheepskin leather this stylish jacket from BOSS Black has padded seaming on shoulders, arms and back which “give masculine touches to this quintessential jacket”. At $895 US, the Fando is considerably more expensive than the Jerie.

hugo boss leather jacket for men fando

Coliv Leather Jacket: Ah, what a luxurious jacket this Coliv is. But the price is – at $1,795 US – is far from luxurious. Fully lined in shearling with a stand-up collar to keep you more warm, this BOSS Black lambskin jacket has top-stitched slit pockets and a sleek zipper closure. Did we mention that the material used for this jacket is 100% lamb leather?

coliv hugo boss leather jacket for men

The Jemini: Like the Jerie above, this fab jacket features Rinnova insulation and, at $595 US, is also one of the more affordable Hugo Boss leather jackets.

Soft Leather Bomber Jacket: Our friend Kevin describes this bomber jacket as “Fabulous! Stylish! Fashionable!” He’s right, of course. And at $695 US, this 100% lambskin leather is not prohibitively expensive.

Boss Orange Leather With Hood: Are you one of those who are wishing that your leather jacket comes with a hood? Consider your wish fulfilled with this Cropped Leather Jacket with Hood from BOSS Orange. This windbreaker-style jacket is made of 100% sheepskin leather and will cost you $545 US.

hugo boss leather jacket for men boss orange

Lumax: Want to go vintage? Check out this vintage-style leather jacket. Made of 100% lamb leather, this jacket features patches on the elbows and shoulders that kinda reminds us of what our old professor wears. Hehe.

Ledlow Jacket: Last but not the least in this collection of Hugo Boss leather jackets is this grey Ledlow with cotton sleeves. Made of 100% lamb leather, this slim fit jacket is available at $695 US.

Hugo Boss Black Leather Jacket: Fit Jackets for Men
05 August 2010

hugo boss leather jacket for men black

An awesome black leather jacket for men by Hugo Boss. For once, we here at Famewatcher are united in liking it.

Deena says: I like its “shininess” [Note: Is this a word?] Kevin says: You gotta love how it hugs the model’s upper body. Never thought I would say that of a leather jacket. And, finally, we says: Woof, woof. It’s so sexy. Gotta buy that one if we have money.

What about you Famewatcher, what’s your review of this Hugo Boss leather jacket?.

Hugo Boss Leather Jacket for Men. Posted 20 September 2011. Updated 23 May 2017.