How To Wear Sarong: Male Model and Celebrity Style

How To Wear Sarong: Male Model and Celebrity Style. Aren’t men wearing sarong sexy? A friend sent us this beautiful photo of a beautiful man with a beautiful flower on his hair thinking that you will appreciate it. This man’s name is Lane Fuller, in case you are wondering.

So how do you wear a sarong Lane Fuller style? Well, you can wear it like a loincloth.

how to wear sarong - lane fuller

Lane in his sarong reminds us of David Beckham and his famous sarong wrap which created quite a stir a few years back. Surely, sarong is a pretty cool beachwear alternative to Speedos and beach shorts, no?

Let’s check out Beckham and his lady-love, Victoria, when they “shocked” the fashion world with his sarong. During this period, our English footballer revealed that he let’s Victoria pick what he wears and be his personal stylist. Isn’t that what every wife kind of wishes for because we don’t like our hubbies to be badly dressed, don’t we? Victoria is really, really lucky not only because she get’s to go bed with a hunky footballer every night. She also gets to dress him up in designer sarongs like this one by Jean Paul Gaultier.

how to wear sarong male celebrity style

So how to wear sarong Beckham style? Well, just wrap it around as you normally would but pair it with a tank top shirt.

But Beckham isn’t the only famous male celebrity photographed wearing a sarong. Here’s the Pirate of the Caribbean himself, Mr. Johnny Depp. Obviously, he agrees with us that sarongs are good alternatives to the common swimwear/beachwear because he’s wearing one while vacationing at sea. Do you think his wife, Vanessa Paradis, picked this and made him wear it? [Oops, we’re not sure now if Vanessa and Johnny are married so maybe she’s not technically his wife.]

how to wear sarong wrap

Another dude seen wearing a sarong is Korean male model Oh Jong Sung who represented South Korea in the male beauty pageant competition, Mr. International 2007. Want more Korean Hunks?

how to wear sarong male model style

Then here’s two beautiful black models – unfortunately we don’t know their names – who are rocking their sarongs.

how to wear sarong model

If you happen to know these guys, please ID them in the comments because we’d love to do a follow-up posts on them.

how to wear sarong black

So that’s it for now, fellow sarong-watcher. We will update this post if we see more gorgeous men in sarongs.

How To Wear Sarong: Male Model and Celebrity Style. Posted 6 February 2009. Last updated: December 11, 2019 at 6:33 am.