Young Latino Men of Hollywood: Teens to Thirty Years Old

Young Latino Men of Hollywood: Teens to Thirty Years Old. Famewatchers, here’s our list of the hot young Latino men of Hollywood. By hot, we mean someone we’d bring home to mama. By Latino, we mean someone of Spanish descent from Latin American countries who are based in the United States. By young, we mean someone not over 30 (sorry 30somethings and up). And by Hollywood, we mean someone in the entertainment industry; in other words, they don’t have to physically be in Hollywood (New Yorkers are welcome too) and they don’t have to be actors (models and sports stars are welcome too).

So, once again, here’s our list of hot young Latino men.

Ryan Guzman. Let’s start our list with Ryan Guzman who made a significant leap in establishing a Hollywood career when he co-starred this year with Jennifer Lopez in the hit movie, The Boy Next Door.

hot young latino men - ryan guzman emporio armani model

Rafael de la Fuente. This 29 year old Venezuelan actor sizzles (with co-star Jussie Smollett) every time we see him on the runaway hit TV show Empire.

rafael de la fuente gay or straight - v nech shirt

Gio Benitez. This muscled 30-year-old media hunk has recently come out as a gay man. We called it here first.

hot young latino men - Gio Benitez

Diego Boneta. Our 25-year-old Mexican papi is starring in the screamiest and queeniest TV show this days, Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens of course.

diego boneta body - abercrombie model

What do you think of our list of hot young latino men so far? Next up in our list is:

James Rodriguez. This 24-year-old Colombian football star is our candidate for the “Hottest Latino Hunk in the History of Time Ever”. You agree with us, right?

james rodriguez kiss tongue

Michael Trevino. The Vampire Diaries’ Michael Trevino poses in his underwear for a modeling shoot. Vewwy, vewwy nice, Michael. You should do more modeling like this. Hehe.

Miguel Gomez. He was 28 years old when we first blogged about him when he nabbed his first US acting gig in the TV show, The Strain. Now Miguel is 30 and is slowly but surely adding to his acting resume. He was part of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw and watch out for him in an upcoming movie, Pacific Standard Time.


So that’s it for now fellow Famewatchers. So who’s your favorite among our 7 Hot Young Latino Men?

Young Latino Men of Hollywood: Teens to Thirty Years Old. Posted 10 December 2015. Last updated: January 8, 2020 at 5:00 am.