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Guys in the Shower: Actors, Models, and Athletes

Guys in the Shower (Summer Edition): Actors, Models, Athletes, Other Hot Guys. Who says you can’t take a shower while wearing your jeans? Certainly not this guy who looks every inch a Greek God while he cools and cleans himself under the shower. Any idea on what his name is? We sure want to see more of him but we have no clue on what to google because “guy with abs in the shower while wearing jeans” is not returning any relevant result. Hehe.

guys in shower outside wearing jeans

Next in our list of guys in the shower is Korean singer and actor Lee Seung Gi who caught our attention when we saw a pic of him in a military uniform. We thought he was an ordinary soldier but we soon found out that all Korean men have to serve in the military which he did in 2016/2017.

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Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend

Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend. Let us add the hunky and curly-haired Canadian cutie that is Steve Byers in our list of Christmas hunks, shall we? Admittedly, he has no Christmas movie this year but he starred in several ones over the past few years. Specifically, his Christmas credits include A Christmas Break, Too Close for Christmas, The Christmas Cure, and Catch a Christmas Star. Here’s Steve looking cute and smiley in The Christmas Cure:

christmas hunks steve byers

Who says you can’t watch a Christmas movie in July? Certainly not the Hallmark Channel. We do not know about a TV channel showing movies out of season but we have to admit that we did watch the first two The Princess Switch movies last March. Hehe. With Netflix and other streaming services, we think the idea of seasonal movies is on its way out, no?

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Hot and Wet Football Stars, Beach Hunks, Playing in the Rain

Footballers Playing In The Rain. Who says you can’t look good and alluring when you are playing football in the rain? Well, no one’s exactly saying that, no? But if ever someone makes that claim, just show them these photos of three of the best football stars who ever played the beautiful game.

First, English man David Beckham:

footballers in wet shirt - david beckham

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Hot Wet Men in Clothes

Hot Wet Men in Clothes. So, we came across the photo below on Facebook and went, “Whoa! Who’s that sculpted Adonis?” After some googling, we learned that the hunky Adonis is Jake Genesis (real name Jake Floyd) and that he is an adult actor who used to be a Catholic seminarian as well as a police officer with the Oakland Police Department.

Quite an interesting career trajectory, isn’t it?

hot wet men in clothes - jake genesis

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