Speedo Guys: Nine Male Models in Swim Briefs

Speedo Guys: Nine Male Models in Swim Briefs. We’ve already proven that white Speedos are the best Speedos when it comes to showing off. We also showed you some famous male celebrities – in the world of sports, media, and acting – who love them their white Speedos. Now, let’s check out these Nine Hot Speedo Guys Who Are Rocking Their “Not Necessarily” Swimsuits.

We begin our list with Justin Maina. This hunky model with a six-pack to-die-for is getting his name out there with TV gigs for The Vibe and The Condo Cops.

speedo guys Justin Maina

Dirk Bikkembergs Male Model. We are liking this look from Dirk Bikkembergs but the number on the model’s leg is kinda creepy and is giving off a “Nazi-marked prisoner” vibe. We wonder if that is what Dirk was going for.

speedo guys dirk bikkembergs male model

Donny Lewis. Hello Donny! Your pic looks great and it sure belongs to our Hot Speedo Guys List but it could have been greater if the photographer didn’t cut off your head (or maybe someone cropped it) and if your gorgeous hair flew with the wind. Hehe.

speedo guys donny lewis

Joel Mejia Smith for Mr. Turk Swimwear. Very nice, Joel. Now go get a surfboard and ride that wave.

speedo guys joel mejia for mr turk

Anton Lock. This Aussie male model is our imaginary boyfriend for the day. Who wouldn’t want to jump in the rooftop pool with this guy?

Chema Malavia for Nit Swimwear. If we are going to pick a favorite in our list of Hot Speedo Men, it would be Chema Malavia. Sculpted body? Check! Sensitive eyes? Check! Trimmed facial hair? Check! Gorgeous good look? Check! What more can a girl ask for? Oh, and he looks fab in his swimsuit too!

speedo guys chema malavia

Ivan Gudkov for Marcuse Swimwear. Now, here’s the member of our Hot Speedo Guys list that our friend Deena would bring home to mama. She says she’s loving Ivan because he looks oh-so-innocent.

speedo guys ivan gudkov marcuse

Mario Ontanon. Is it us or does Argentine male model Mario Ontanon look like How To Get Away With Murder star Jack Falahee? Seems like they are long lost twins or something.

speedo guys mariano ontanon

David Gandy for Dolce and Gabbana. Okay, let’s end this post on Hot Speedo Guys with this photo of David Gandy relaxing in his Dolce & Gabbana swim briefs.

speedo guys david gandy

Update: We had to delete Anton Lock’s pic above so here’s a replacement: Alex Schlab in Burberry swim briefs. Kudos to the brand for not limiting itself to selling stuffy coats. Haha.

speedo guys alex schab burberry swim briefs

Speedo Guys: Nine Male Models in Swim Briefs. Posted 25 February 2016. Last updated: August 31, 2023 at 4:02 am.