Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear

Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear 2022 Update. You think we’re done updating this post about Spanish guys rocking their undies or denim pants? Of course not. Especially because Kevin is forcing us to update this post. He was like, “No, Pim Watts! So long as there are hunky guys from Spain ruling the runway, you are stuck to blogging about them.” So we are updating this post because we are afraid of him. Haha. Anyhoo, here are some dudes from Reino de EspaƱa (Kevin says this is the official name of the country) looking fabulous in their jeans or undies.

spanish male models in jeans piero mendez in ag jeans

spanish male models diego barrueco in jeans

spanish male models underwear - ramon punet

Above: Piero Mendez, Diego Barrueco, and Ramon Punet. Below: Jon Kortajarena aka one of the highest paid male models out there and our imaginary Spanish beau Christian Santamaria.

spanish male models - jeans - jon kortajarena

spanish male models in underwear Christian Santamaria

Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear (30 November 2017). Want more Spanish male models in jeans and underwear? Well, here’s two of the hottest Spanish models these days: Andres Velencoso Segura of Tossa Del Mar in Barcelona and Jon Kortajarena of Bilbao. We actually met these Spanish hunks before. Andres Velencoso Segura is the boyfriend of Australian singer Kylie Minogue (check out their advert included in our post on Best Men’s Perfume) while Jon is …. well we honestly don’t know whether he has any girlfriend but we featured him before looking fabulous in his H&M Menswear.

As you might have known already, the guy in our first pic above is Andres Segura. What you may not know is that he’s modeling for Gap Premium jeans. Meanwhile, in the next photo below our Spanish hunk is wearing Seven for All Mankind jeans which, if we remember correctly, is a brand established by Justin Timberlake and his friends. [Update: Nope, Justin has nothing to do with Seven jeans. What he helped establish and co-owns is the William Rast brand.]

Here’s Andres looking fabulous in his Ermenegildo Zelda boxer briefs. The pic is from the Ermenegildo Zelda underwear ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2010.

hot spanish male models andres segura

Now let’s shift our focus to Jon Kortajarena who is ranked #6 by in its top-earning male models. That’s a pretty high ranking eh? He must be making oodles of money. Good for him. Anyhoo, here’s Jon walking the runway in his Antonio Sangoo swimsuit during a 2010 fashion show in the Canary Islands.

It’s silly to say that he looks delectable but he does, right? His fab denim jacket is by Levis. Yum. Yum.

Alejandro Guinot: Hot Spanish Male Model of the Day (29 November 2010). Want more shaggable Spanish men? Here’s Alejandro Guinot, a male model from Castellon, who’s currently headlining Baltman’s Fall/Winter campaign.

handsome spanish male model

spanish male model wearing mens suit

A picture of our handsome model looking intense in his briefs underwear.

spanish man wearing tight briefs underwear

For those of you who want more male Spanish hotties (and who doesn’t, huh?), check out the gorgeous Gerard Pique, Fernando Verdasco wearing Calvin Klein underwear, and Jon Kortajarena modeling some fabulous H&M winter jackets.

Spanish Male Model in Jeans and Briefs Underwear (24 April 2009). Male underwear-watchers, meet Mateo, a model from Spain where these other men come from. Isn’t he dreamy? We’re not into colored undies but this guy looks good in his blue briefs underwear. He’s got a nice looking bum too.

hot spanish male models in jeans underwear

Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear. First posted 24 April 2009. Last updated: July 3, 2022 at 7:30 am.