Hot Sailor Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Sailors

Hot Sailor Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Sailors. When we first thought of writing about male celebrities wearing sailor costumes during Halloween, we predicted that it would be an easy task. It wasn’t hard for us to find female celebrities dressing up as naughty nurses so we thought it would be no challenge to do the same for famous men dressed up as sailors while, you know, they go trick-or-treating or attending costume parties on All Hallow’s Eve. Sadly, it turns out that the guys are not into that sailor costume thing. Fortunately, the girls are more into it. So let’s check out these adventurous girls, shall we?

hot sailor halloween costume - singer Avril Lavigne

Hey look its Canadian singing superstar Avril Lavigne (above) and its reality star Lauren Conrad (below). Good for you, sistahs!

sailor halloween costume for girls - lauren conrad

Now, since we can’t find famous men wearing sailor costumes during Halloween, the next best thing for us to do is to check out those who wore sailor uniforms during non-Halloween events. This time, we didn’t end up disappointed. Yay!

So, fellow Famewatchers, check out singer John Mayer in a kinda slutty sailor uniform during a concert. Want more hot men in uniform?

hot sailor halloween costume - john mayer

Then here’s the One Direction boys wearing sailor outfits for their Kiss Me music video.

celebrity sailor costumes - one direction boys

Actor/comedian Johnny Knoxville is looking cute with that sailor hat, no?

hot sailor halloween costume - johnny knoxville

According to the Daily Mail, David Walliams was reportedly inspired by Richard Gere’s character in An Officer and a Gentleman.

david walliams hot sailor halloween costume

Speaking of Richard Gere, check him out in this still photo from the movie An Officer and a Gentleman with co-star David Keith.

richard gere and david keith in an officer and a gentleman

Other actors who played sailor roles in movies include Russell Crowe in the 2003 epic historical movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. If you want to wear a badass sailor costume to the Halloween party you are attending this year, dressing up like Russell Crowe is the way to go.

sailor costume for halloween vintage - russell crowe in master and commander

But if you have the abs, you might want to be a shirtless sailor like Matt Bomer in Magic Mike…

hot sailor halloween costume matt bomer

… or wear a muscle shirt to show off your physique a-la Brad Davis in the 1982 movie, Querelle.

brad davis as querelle - sailor

There you have it fellow Famewatchers. We hope we gave you some good ideas for the hot sailor Halloween costume you are planning to wear.

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