KJ Apa Shirtless: Ethnicity, Family, and Girlfriend?

kj apa washboard abs

KJ Apa Shirtless Photos and Other Stuff. There’s a new Kiwi hunk in tinseltown. His name is KJ Apa. He is from New Zealand and is part-Kiwi/part-Samoan. And he is going to be the lead star of an upcoming The CW show, Riverdale. KJ, for those who are wondering, is short for Keneti James. Keneti is also the name of KJ’s dad.

Redhead Male Underwear Models: Ken Bek and Greg Rutherford

redhead male underwear model - greg rutherford

Redhead Male Underwear Models. We should have included this in our earlier post on Ginger Hunks Underwear but, for some reason, we did not see these photos when we were writing said post. So, consider this as the Part II of Ginger Hunks Underwear.